CSR Commitment

As a member of the global village, Zyxel is committed to fulfill its responsibility to society and the environment, as well as to supporting the best interest of its stakeholders. Moreover, Zyxel respects the value of the community not only by supporting the neighborhood in addressing pollution and energy issues, but also by encouraging similar commitment by its suppliers and employees, all with the goal of fulfilling our role as responsible corporate citizens. In recognition of this dedication, the "CG Watch 2007" report released by ACGA (Asian Corporate Governance Association) and CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets ranked Zyxel as the second most highly ranked green enterprise in Asia and the first in Taiwan. Global View Magazine also presented the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Award to Zyxel in 2008 and 2009 to acclaim the company's efforts.

With a permanent commitment to responsibilities in mind, Zyxel promises to:

01 Corporate Governance

Meet all of legal requirements and business ethics

02 Employee

Encourage the diversity and energy of our employee pool
Provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and promote employee health and well-being

03 Community

Work with communities to improve a better life through education, economics and social well-being activities

04 Environment

Conduct production and business with green policies

05 Product

Continue to develop environment-friendly, energy-efficient products.

President's Commitment

Employee Code of Conduct

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Environment, Safety, Health, and Energy Policy

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Sustainable Procurement Policies and Guidelines

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Human Rights Policy

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Supplier Code of Conduct

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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