Zyxel libera il potenziale delle persone connettendo aziende e privati. Utilizza il cloud per offrire le soluzioni di rete più affidabili possibili, l'intelligenza artificiale per proteggere dagli attacchi informatici e gli abbonamenti online per rendere le licenze flessibili e convenienti.


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Success Stories

Zyxel Magic Office Repeater. Restare connessi è ancora più facile.

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Niente più clienti o dipendenti insoddisfatti a causa della scarsa copertura mobile.

Davide Olivieri
Sales Manager
Teleimpianti S.p.A

Success Stories

UK Council Sees Productivity Turnaround after Nebula Delivers Bigger Coverage, Better Management

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Zyxel’s networking solution has made life easier for our staff. The site’s network coverage, efficiency, log-in speeds, and security have greatly improved. Coverage is much better throughout the site.

Dan Holden
Infrastructure Engineer
Mid Sussex District Council

Success Stories

Nebula Makes Life Easier for IT Staff and Employees at Spanish Audiovisual Integration Company

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At Charmex Internacional, we needed a solution that supports self-provisioning and easy, centralized management of network devices. Zyxel’s Nebula was exactly what we were looking for. With Nebula, we now have dynamic network management, which has significantly reduced our workload and improved our communication with customers.

Isaac Alos
IT Manager
Charmex Internacional

Success Stories

Spanish College Residence Optimizes Learning Experience with Faster, Securer Network

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We needed higher internet speeds to deal with the increasing number of connected devices. Thanks to Zyxel and our partner Infotecnika IDS, we were able to design and deploy a WiFi network precisely suited to the requirements of our residence and our residents.

Enrique Romero Dengra
General Director
CMU Marqués de la Ensenada

Success Stories

5G Mobile Router Makes Latency-free, HD Livestreaming Possible at Crowded Events

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It’s challenging for us to livestream in a high-density environment like an exhibition hall with thousands of concurrent users simultaneously connecting to the internet. Zyxel’s NR5101 router features high-speed, low-latency 5G technology that significantly improves video lag and interruption issues, making it ideal for us to deliver 360-degree surround views.

Kevin Chiang
Founder & CEO
dp smart


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