Nebula provides even more advanced protection for digital assets

Nebula provides even more advanced protection for digital assets

Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe, explains why the arrival of Nebula support on Zyxel’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) range of security appliances is good news for both customers and managed service provider partners.

It seems that everything in IT is now being provided ‘as a service’ from the cloud. But of course, you do still need hardware – client devices and network infrastructure on which to run and to access software apps and services that are hosted in the cloud.

We have all got used to doing things this way and we enjoy the tremendous flexibility it gives us – to be able to access applications and services from anywhere, and to have software, devices, networks, security, and other aspects of IT systems managed remotely.

Over the past year or so, we have been enabling more of our devices with support for Nebula – our very own cloud management platform. We added Nebula to the entire Zyxel USG FLEX range earlier this year – and that has been a real success.

Big news

We are now announcing Nebula support for the ZyWALL ATP series of advanced threat protection firewalls, which provide advanced security capabilities for digital assets that need the strongest protection.

The arrival of Nebula on the ATP series is big news for our customers and managed services provider (MSP) partners – for three main reasons.

First of all, Nebula has become extremely popular with our customers and being able to configure and control advanced threat management appliances in the cloud is an added bonus. Second, it makes the ATP range more appealing, offering the choice of managing security appliances locally or remotely. This is useful from both an end-user customer and an MSP perspective.

Third, and perhaps most significantly, it extends Nebula coverage to even more Zyxel solutions. This gives administrators or partners the ability to manage different families of Zyxel products – switches, Wi-Fi access points, and security appliances – through a single screen.

Stronger protection

This means all settings can be brought together and managed in one place. Consistent configurations can be applied across all devices, reducing the risk of errors and saving time. Also, information can be shared between devices, enabling us to apply intelligent analytics and provide even stronger protection through Nebula.

As digital systems become more important, so does digital security. Our ATP series provides advanced protection for critical digital assets; the addition of Nebula extends that protection even further and allows them to be managed remotely by an in-house or third-party expert. It means that customers can enjoy all the convenience, flexibility and other benefits that cloud services bring, safe in the knowledge that their digital assets are extremely well protected.