Introducing XGS2210 Series 10Gb SFP+ Uplinks


    Our cost effective all round solution, the XGS2210 series, are fully featured Layer 2 Gigabit access switches including CLI based configuration remote management.

    The series comes in 28 and 52 port models and provide a high PoE power budget.


    With rich traffic shaping, network isolation and security features, the XGS2210 series is the perfect L2 access switch solution with10GbE uplink for converged data, video and voice networking.


    ZyXEL XGS2210 Series - The Cost Effective all Round Solution


    Why ZyXEL PoE switches?

    The XGS2210 series is a cost effective 10G uplink port switch with SFP+ 10G Fiber connection support meant to increase core and interserver capacity. With the increase in data rates from 11ac wireless, core traffic is increased to 10G to prevent bottlenecking at the switch. Whereas in the past 10G uplinks and ports have been too expensive to utilize frequently, the XGS2210 series is now a highly affordable and cost effective way for SMBs to upgrade to 10G between virtualized servers, backups, and between switches.

    ZyXEL PoE switches offer a high-speed network connection and power supply to one Power Device (PD) through one single port. This reduces the need for extra power outlets and extension cables, and saves on deployment costs and labour efforts. In addition, ZyXEL’s PoE switches feature advanced power management functions to control power budget easily and efficiently so that businesses can enjoy a high-speed PoE solution.



    IEEE 802.3at –Wireless AC and Future Ready


    Intelligent PoE technology

    The market is moving to higher power consumption devices such as 802.11ac wireless Access Points, VOIP phones and IP surveillance cameras. To get sufficient throughput these devices require high-power PoE. PoE+, also known as IEEE 802.3at provides 30w of power per port, an increase on the standard IEEE 8023.3af 15w per port. All ZyXEL PoE switches support PoE+ providing the maximum flexibility to connect high-power PoE devices.


    ZyXEL’s Intelligent PoE technology can automatically detect the power consumption status of each PD and supplies only the required amount of power. This intelligent power allocation function minimizes the waste of power and helps businesses to save money while enabling the PoE switch to power more PDs.



    Power Supply Policy


    The ZyXEL One Network combines multiple unique, innovative technologies to deliver easy, efficient network set-up and management. One of its features, designed specifically for PoE switching, detects the ports used by a neighboring device and displays its IP information on the ZyXEL PoE web GUI – which allows one-click remote control actions via that IP.

    ZyXEL PoE switches can monitor individual and total power consumption levels and set power supply policies that maximize service availability. Port prioritization and power level adjusting can ensure the PD is efficient and reliably powered.



    Model XGS2210-52 XGS2210-52HP XGS2210-28 XGS2210-28HP


    Product Name 48-port GbE L2 Switch with 10GbE Uplink 48-port GbE L2 PoE Switch with 10GbE Uplink 24-port GbE L2 Switch with 10GbE Uplink 24-port GbE L2 PoE Switch with 10GbE Uplink
    Port Density

    Total port count



    28 28
    100/1000 Mbps 48 - 24 -
    100/1000 Mbps PoE - 48 - 24

    10 Gigabit SFP+



    4 4

    Gigabit SFP



    - -

    Gigabit combo (SFP/RJ-45)



    - -

    Switching capacity (Gbps)



    128 128

    Forwarding rate (Mpps)



    95.2 95.2
    Packet buffer (byte) 1.5 M 1.5 M 1.5 M 1.5 M
    MAC address table 16 K 16 K 16 K 16 K


    100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

    Max. power consumption (watt)

    45 495 20 453
    Total PoE power budget (watt) - 375 - 375