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Nebula Security Gateways

Nebula Security Gateways

Zyxel Nebula gateways are ICSA-certified firewalls with IPsec VPN connectivity, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) as well as Application Patrol.

  • Firewall
  • IPSec VPN
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Application Patrol
  • Captive Portal
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-Virus


Security Gateway 1xGbE WAN, 1xSFP WAN, 4xGbE LAN
300Mbps SPI Firewall / 100Mbps VPN / 110Mbps IDP / 10 VPN Tunnels


Security Gateway 2xGbE WAN, 4xGbE LAN
450Mbps SPI Firewall / 150Mbps VPN / 160Mbps IDP / 40 VPN Tunnels


Security Gateway 2xGbE WAN, 5xGbE LAN
1,250Mbps SPI Firewall / 500Mbps VPN / 500Mbps IDP / 200 VPN Tunnels


Security Gateway 2xGbE WAN, 6xGbE LAN
4,000Mbps SPI Firewall / 750Mbps VPN / 950Mbps IDP / 300 VPN Tunnels