WiFi Video Bridge / AP


    WAP6405: 5GHz AC1750 Gigabit Wireless Bridge

    WiFi and video continue as two of the strongest tech-trends for digital homes in this year. For consumers, WiFi is the internet while video consumption is experiencing an all-time rapid growth. Consumers now live an always-on lifestyle. They want to stay connected to their digital world 24/7, wherever they are in their homes, and on every device they can get their hands on. So a fast and reliable wireless network is what consumers want.

    Zyxel WAP6405 is the AC1750, 802.11ac wireless bridge that’s built perfectly for wireless HD video streaming anywhere in the house. The WAP6405 is also an easy and affordable way to upgrade your everyday 11n router to a high performance dual-band 802.11ac WiFi network. For superior performance and easy management, the WAP6405 supports advanced QoS features and TR-069 protocol respectively.

    WAP6405 is a versatile device that operates in three different modes – WiFi bridge, Access Point (AP) and repeater. The three different modes offer service providers different applications but more importantly the flexibility to deploy the same device for an array of different scenarios.



    Wireless Video Streaming

    Consumers not only want the ability to stream HD quality video throughout the house, they want simultaneously connect and stream from all devices at the same time from TVs to cell phones to tablets. Since having a WiFi device that enables wireless video streaming without sacrificing quality experience is critical to us, Wireless IPTV offers the premium feature of reducing deployment time and installation costs for all service providers.

    The WAP6405 is the ideal solution for wireless video streaming. Built on high-speed 11ac technology with 4x4 antenna configuration, high-power amplifiers, and low-interference 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the WAP6405 has all the tech advantages of a high-speed, stable WiFi essential for HD video streaming. Advanced QoS features further enhance the video experience for subscribers.

    The WAP6405 would be a great accessary to Zyxel’s high-performance AC2050, bonded VDSL2 gateway (VMG4825), AC1600, VDSL2 gateway (VMG3925) or 11ac gigabit Ethernet Gateways (AC2200 EMG3425 and AC1750 EMG2926)


    11ac, WiFi Range Extender

    The average number of connected devices have doubled since last year and over 68% of CE devices sold in US are WiFi enabled based on Strategy Analytics. So a full-home WiFi network has become a top priority for consumers.

    Major obstacles for full-home WiFi include physical barriers like walls, and signal interference caused by common household appliances like microwaves and baby monitors. Also the size of the homes could limit the ability for a single broadband gateway to cover the entire home.

    The WAP6405 is ideal for extending wireless coverage or adding dual-band 11ac WiFi to an existing 11n WiFi broadband gateway

    Access Point or Repeater Mode

    The WAP6405 offers easy and convenient solution for extending WiFi in areas of the house with dead spots. The 5GHz band offers better protection against signal interference. It can be set-up in AP mode with wired Ethernet backhaul to the broadband gateway for faster performance or in repeater mode with wireless backhaul to the WiFi gateway for hassle-free set-up.

    Transforming 11n WiFi to dual-band, 11ac/11n WiFi network

    The WAP6405 offers yet another application for service providers who are looking to offer a quick, inexpensive upgrade to subscribers using an 11n WiFi gateway. By adding WAP6405, either via Ethernet or in repeater mode, they can easily transform a legacy 11n network to a dual-band, faster WiFi network that supports both 11n and 11ac wireless clients.

    The WAP6405 can be paired with ZyXEL’s 11n WiFi bonded VDSL2 gateways (VMG4325 and VMG4381), 11n WiFi VDSL2 gateways (VSG1432) or 11n ADSL2+ gateways (P660HN) for this application.


    • 802.11ac-compliant with data transfer rates up to 1750 Mbps* 
    • Integrate High-power Amplifiers and Beamforming technology to enhance coverage 
    • Video-grade QoS optimizes video streaming 
    • 3 operation Access Point / Client / Repeater with an easy switch for mode change 
    • WPS button for easy setup and multi-color Link Quality LED for easy Installation 
    • Support both web GUI configuration and TR-069 remote management