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    Today businesses are more mobile than ever before. A lot of workers barely even show up to the office and instead access important company information from home or other locations. And even those that do work in the office use several different devices to access the company network. This makes it more important than ever for networks to include VPN functions that increase network flexibility and effectiveness. The ZyXEL USG20-VPN and USG20W-VPN allow businesses to expand their networks without leaving anyone behind.

    Branch offices, partners, and home users can deploy ZyXEL USGs for site-to-site IPSec VPN connections. Remote users can securely access company resources with their computers or smartphones via SSL, IPSec, and L2TP over IPSec VPN. With a Certified SPI Firewall, all information is protected, and company business stays with the company. With VPN High Availability, business networks continue to operate after an unplanned power outage so that nothing important is lost if this happens. ZyXEL One Network and make VPN setup and supervision easy. Safeguard Business Networks with the ZyXEL USG20-VPN and USG20W-VPN

    Introducing ZyXEL USG20-VPN and USG20W-VPN

    • Flexible, easy to secure VPN technology
    • Comprehensive threat protection with firewall and content filtering.
    • Flexible security zone using VLAN technology to segregate local networks.
    • User-aware policy engine can set bandwidth or network access based on user login.
    • Bandwidth management for traffic prioritization for VoIP or mission critical applications


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