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    As businesses grow, and employees embrace flexible working, your customers are under pressure to implement a scalable wireless solution. The super-connected users of today and tomorrow expect a flawless wireless experience – and your customers turn to you to deliver a wireless access solution that meet their demands.

    That’s where ZyXEL’s wireless ac access points come in. The latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard delivers faster, more comprehensive coverage, putting ac Wi-Fi within reach of all your customers, regardless of business size or employee working habits.
    Flexible, easy to use and simple to manage, our wireless APs empower your business – and your customers – to take the lead over the rest of the market.

    Speed up your customers
    with the new NWA5123-AC

    Offering 20% better coverage than previous wireless n models, ZyXEL’s NWA5123-AC can take businesses further – part of a range of wireless ac access points designed for new locations and new possibilities.

    Take the lead with faster wireless

    Up to three times faster than wireless n access points.

    Take the lead with greater coverage

    Easy migration and wider coverage supports your customers' growth.

    Take the lead with flexible networking

    Adapt to any environment with easy installation and use.

    ZyXEL's Wireless AC Portfolio

    Product Benefits
    Ideal for Small Businesses

    Standalone Installations

    • Latest technology in your reach
      AC wireless will give you up to 20% greater throughput.
    • Simple to set-up and configure
      Using our free wireless deployment tools (ZyXEL One Network and APFlex).
    Ideal for Medium Businesses

    SMB Verticals

    • Great performance, great value
      Providing the latest wireless technology, features and performance.
    • Eliminate wireless dead-spots
      Compared with traditional internal antenna design, the NWA5123-AC antenna module provides better coverage in both transmit and receive to eliminate dead spots with the same output power.
    • Simple to set-up and configure
      Using our free wireless deployment tools (ZyXEL One Network and APFlex).
    Ideal for Medium to Large Businesses

    High Density/Vertical Projects

    • Flexible for different environments
      The dual optimised antenna deliver optimal signal for both wall and ceiling installations.
    • Ultra fast performance
      With adjustable static internal antenna, we deliver outstanding performance not only in wall-mount deployment but also in ceiling-mount scenario as well.
    • Ultra thin design
      Stylish, low profile design helps the AP blend into different environments.
    Ideal for Large Businesses

    High Density/Vertical Projects

    • Increased range and coverage
      The smart antenna look at every client individually and then dynamically choose the path that maximises its wireless performance, which increases range and boosts coverage.
    • Solves the high density problem
      Perfect for delivering premium performance in interference-laden and high-density environments, such as conference rooms, airports and schools.
    • Efficient, stable wireless
      Features such as load balancing and client steering ensure users get the best possible overall network performance and bandwidth is allocated in the most efficient way possible.

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