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  • Network management:
    Cloud-based vs local

    The journey towards planet Decision

    Everyone’s talking about cloud-based network management, and it’s difficult to see past the hyperbole. Sure, there are lots of benefits, but is the cloud the right direction for you?

    Take a cross-galaxy journey to the planet Decision, and find the best way forward for your business.

  • Full spaceships

    Are there likely to be lots of users online at once?

    If you’re creating a network for somewhere that will have a dense user-base – like a conference centre or stadium – you should go with on-site management.

  • Mission expansion

    Would your customer like the option to extend their capacity and capability later on?

    Cloud-based network management is completely scalable, so it’s easy to add devices as you go along. Plus, it allows users to expand their capabilities rapidly too.

  • Mothership streamlining

    Are you looking to reduce your overheads?

    With maintenance, travel, hardware, manpower and downtime to consider, local network management can eat into your margins. Using the cloud can allow you to dramatically reduce these costs.

  • Rocket thrusters

    Will the network require lots of tweaking to reach maximum performance?

    Local network management provides more opportunities for enhancing performance – making it the better option for complex projects.

  • Cosmic shields

    Has your client had security issues in the past?

    Local area network management is usually regarded as the more secure choice. But actually, a hybrid solution – where certain, critical data is stored locally and the rest on the cloud – could be just as secure.

  • Galaxy exploration

    Are you interested in expanding
    your business?

    The SaaS model of cloud-based network management means you can count on repeat business. And if you only usually sell hardware, branching into service-provision could well increase your revenue.

  • Warp speed recovery

    Is your customer concerned
    about downtime?

    If so, go for cloud-based network management, as it’s faster to troubleshoot.

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