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SecuReporter Celebrating Zyxel’s 30th Year Anniversary Promotion

In celebration of Zyxel’s 30th anniversary, we're offering you and your customers a free 1-year SecuReporter subscription (worth up to € 151.98*) for your ZyWALL and USG series purchases! The promotion applies to your past and future purchases of Zywalls and USGs.

How to Start



Is the firmware up to date?

Upgrade the firmware to ZLD v4.32 or above on your devices!


Activate Secureporter

Activate now to enjoy all the security benefits of cloud intelligence analytics!

Why You Need SecuReporter:
Cloud Intelligence Analytics

The Zyxel CNM SecuReporter is a cloud-based intelligent analytics and report service with collection and correlation features designed for ZyWALL product lines. It provides network administrators with a centralised view of network activities.

Choose the Best Firewall for Your Business

Get protection from malware and unauthorized application for your business. Zyxel offers a variety of firewalls including: UTM/VPN/ATP firewall and Cloud Managed Security Gateway to keep your business running smoothly without the downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The promotion begins on 5 August, 2019 1:00 PM (GMT+8) and ends on 31 October, 2019 11:59 PM (GMT+8).

Answer: Click here to watch Activation Walkthrough.

Answer: You get an additional 13 months upon your existing license; total days would be remaining days+ 396 days with 30 days analytics and 1-year log retention.

Answer: You can still get 13 months, please activate this and try our new features again.

Answer: We can offer 1-year SecuReporter Premium License which can upgrade to past 30 days/analytics and 1-year log retention. Total days would be the remaining days within the 1-year SecuReporter Premium subscription.

Answer: If you have any further questions, please post questions to our forum community.