How networking tech can enhance hotel management and guest experiences

From selecting the right WiFi solution to streamlining hotspot onboarding and optimizing IPTV networks, we uncover the key strategies with real-world examples to show you how advanced technology and reliable connectivity can delight guests while streamlining hotel management.

Choose the right solution and installation

WiFi is an essential requirement for hotels, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction. Uninterrupted connectivity allows guests to lounge by the pool, enjoy a cup of coffee in the lobby, or relax in their rooms. Unfortunately, many hotels face challenges with slow and unreliable WiFi due to outdated infrastructure. Particularly, some historical hotels, with their thick walls and architectural limitations, pose further obstacles to upgrading the network.

To ensure high-quality WiFi, the first step is to select the right WiFi solution and installation that caters to hotels' diverse needs and expansive environments. To tackle the problem of dead spots, strategically placing access points on ceilings and walls within guest rooms is crucial. For outdoor spaces and large open areas such as the swimming pool and parking areas, deploying weatherproof outdoor access points that support the Smart Mesh function ensures seamless and stable connectivity outside the hotel premises.

Moreover, an increasing number of hotels are implementing IP-based infrastructures like IPTV and telephone services in their guest rooms. To ensure seamless connectivity for every device without compromising internet performance, the access points that support PoE ports facilitate the connection of IP phones and other PoE products that require both power and voice data. Additionally, the inclusion of additional LAN ports is essential for providing stable IPTV service and enabling easy network expansion by connecting to a switch.

Seamless roaming, smooth stay

To further elevate the guest experience, another effective approach is to enable seamless roaming capabilities. Guests can stay connected on their smartphones, video chat with loved ones, and access social media while seamlessly moving around the hotel.

One of our Korean customers has benefited from our WiFi APs and Nebula cloud networking solution. Nebula simplifies network management by unifying all WiFi names under a single SSID. Guests can transition from one area to another without disruptions or the need to manually reconnect to different access points, ensuring uninterrupted online activities.

Switching to optimized IPTV experiences

When you enter a guest room, you can effortlessly control the lights and curtains with just your voice. This is just one way hotels are revolutionizing guest experiences. Furthermore, IPTV and media-on-demand services are also being introduced, offering personalized content. However, the transition to smart TVs poses challenges, as digital TV manufacturers are often unfamiliar with networking and IP multicasting technology.

Hotel Breeze Amsterdam in the Netherlands faced challenges in managing its IPTV systems due to various performance issues such as slow startup, screen freezing, and delays in channel switching. These issues significantly affected guests' viewing experiences. However, with the implementation of Zyxel Nebula's Advanced IGMP functionality, the hotel has significantly improved channel and traffic management, preventing performance downgrades. Nebula's smart network analytics, powered by machine learning technology, analyzed collected data and recommended configuration changes to optimize the IPTV network.

Furthermore, the IPTV reports provided valuable insights into channel usage information, enabling hotel managers to evaluate their TV channel investments based on viewer interest. Nebula not only streamlined network management but also safeguarded the hotelier's network investment, ensuring a positive return on investment.

Simplifying WiFi access with hotspot management

Fast and secure hotspot WiFi is crucial for hotels in today's interconnected world. One of our customers, Sotogrande Katipunan in the Philippines, relies on our Hotspot Management software to effectively handle their network hotspots. This software offers advanced billing features and a customizable guest login page.

With a simple click, the software generates user accounts and passwords, ensuring seamless internet access and relieving receptionists from complex tasks. Venue owners benefit from customizable pre-paid billing profiles, which offer a range of bandwidth speeds, service durations, traffic quotas, and payment options, simplifying their lives. Multiple authentication methods empower venue owners to effortlessly control and secure guest internet access.

Zyxel's Nebula also supports hotspot WiFi onboarding and authentication, including the use of a Captive Portal, which helps streamline the onboarding process while maintaining connection security. Moreover, the captive portal landing page can be easily customized to align with the hotel's branding and seize marketing opportunities through targeted advertisements.

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