Just Connect small businesses with Zyxel’s new easy-to-use switch powered by Nebula

Zyxel’s new GS1915 series presents a scalable, low-cost solution to micro-businesses small businesses and home users, enabling the simplified, centralised control of network management challenges.

Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure and cloud-powered networking solutions, launched its compact and affordable cloud-based GS1915 series 8-port PoE and Non-PoE Switches. This latest addition to the Nebula ecosystem is a highly accessible introduction to cloud-managed networking ideally suited for small businesses, opening up all the benefits of improved network connectivity, security and seamless multi-device management in minutes via the Nebula mobile app.

The GS1915’s effortless deployment and ease of use makes it ideal for smaller businesses and home users, looking to improve their network performance without the need to have a dedicated IT team.

Agile networks, easily managed.

Startups, small businesses, and home users can take advantage of the latest addition to Zyxel Network’s ‘Just Connect’ solutions. Developed with the customer in mind, including the simple, rapid installation process and ease of use via the Nebula mobile app, the GS1915 is the latest addition to the Nebula ecosystem. Thanks to the app, users can onboard new devices to the platform, check the network status overview, remotely control their network, and block unauthorised clients anywhere, anytime.

The GS1915 series presents a highly effective low-cost option for users, compatible across the full range of Nebula-enabled high-performance products. Individuals can enjoy a unified and straightforward network experience, accessing real-time network information, centrally and remotely managing their Switches, Wireless Access Points, Security Firewalls, and 5G/LTE mobile routers.

Making daily work easier

Crowley Wu, VP of Zyxel's Networking Business Unit, commented:
“Fast, stable, secure connections shouldn’t solely be the luxury of huge
enterprises with deep budgets and dedicated IT teams. The expansion of our switch and Nebula portfolio is a sign of our commitment to smaller businesses and prosumers, allowing them to scale their networks and make the transition to the cloud when they’re ready, without the need to replace hardware. By removing these stresses and making network connectivity simpler, they can spend more time focusing on what they need and do best - running their business,”

The new PoE model GS1915-8EP comes with a full 8-port PoE+ and supports a 60W power budget, ideal for setting up multiple APs and cameras within homes and small businesses. With the Nebula App, it’s easy to manage or reset an abnormal camera by power cycling it, even when you’re away.

The intuitive LED indicators on the GS1915 series switches’ front panels make it easy for users to check the switch status immediately. Designed without a fan, the switches operate silently, blending perfectly into any working environment without disturbing fan noises.

Zyxel Networks has also announced the imminent launch of a 10G fiber switch, XS1930-12F. This latest addition to the switch and Nebula portfolio will give customers even more flexibility in their scaling plans, cloud transitions, and navigation of the hybrid working world[GL1] .  

For more information about the switch range please visit: https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/8-port-GbE-Smart-Managed-Switch-GS1915-Series/

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