Zyxel Reach

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ZyXEL Reach is the best mobile SIP client capable of acting as your desktop phone while traveling. Integrated with ZyXEL ISG series, it supports all the features business users need with intuitive behaviors. Supporting push notifications, ZyXEL Reach is the most battery efficient way to receive VoIP calls on Android.

Features:- Back-grounding operations support
- Call recorder and player
- Transfer and attended transfer
- Multi line
- Call Waiting
- Conference Calling
- Voicemail, MWI (message waiting indicator) with a single touch
- Call Forwarding
- Highly polished intuitive user interface, specially designed for the Android OS
- Embedded contacts integration with the native Android OS contacts
- Default country code, automatically preface your contacts with a country code or any other prefix you might need to connect calls through your ZyXEL ISG
- Audio codec manipulation with priority
- Excellent sound quality, supports G.722, G.711 and G.729
- DTMF tones: In-band, RFC 2833 and SIP Info
- Speakerphone
- Detailed call history

Model: ZyXEL ISG Series

Note: ZyXEL Reach only works with ZyXEL ISG series product. It is not designed for other VoIP services.

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