Zyxel Network Pioneer

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  • Developer: ZyXEL Communications Corp.
    Updates: March 3, 2014
    Requires Android 4.0 and up

    Android Installation

- Setup your gateway on your phone or tablet, no desktop or laptop required!
- Step-by-step to setup the gateway to connect Internet*

Model: ZyXEL AMG1202/1302/1312-T10B and P-1202/1302-T10B
Firmware: V2.00(AAQP.1), V2.00(AAQF.0), V2.00(AAFN.4), 2.00(AAJC.1), 2.00(AAFP.1), 2.00(AARX.0), 2.00(AAIA.5), 2.00(AAIC.2), and later version

Note: * Only supports selected Internet Service Providers in some countries

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