Zyxel Network Manager

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- Setup your home router on your phone or tablet, no desktop or laptop required!
- Share Wi-Fi by providing QR code to your guests
- Check and block unwanted Wi-Fi devices by Network Map
- Set parental controls

Supported model and firmware::
  • AMG1312: 2.00(AAQF0), 2.00(AAFP1) or greater
  • AMG1302: 2.00(AARX.0), 2.00(AAJC1) or greater
  • AMG1202: 2.00(AAQP1), 2.00(AAFN4) or greater
  • P-1202: 2.00(AAIA.5) or greater
  • P-1302: 2.00(AAIC.2) or greater
  • VMG1312: 1.00(AASU.0), V1.00(AAJZ.4) or greater
  • VMG3312: 1.00(AAJA.2) or greater
  • VMG8924/VMG8324: 1.00(AAKL.6) or greater
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