Nebula P13 Welcomes New WiFi Access Point Security Service and Mobile Routers to the Family

Nebula P13 Welcomes New WiFi Access Point Security Service and Mobile Routers to the Family

With the accelerated need for digital integration for all businesses, moving things online, such as social, e-commerce, and virtual presence has become prevalent. This means having simple, reliable, and ‘always-on’ connectivity is an essential part of everyday business now.

However, for small businesses, finding a solution that is simple, scalable, and flexible means piecing together a mix of technologies. This approach is time consuming, complex and can be unreliable. Thus, Nebula launches the latest P13 release to include more services and products to support small businesses to navigate through this change.

Connect & Protect - Nebula AP security service

Vulnerability to cyberattacks has become a growing threat as hackers seek to take advantage of the fact that more people and operations are connected online in today’s working environment. However, many small or micro-businesses simply cannot afford a business firewall; that’s why Nebula has created the industry-first Connect and Protect (CNP) AP security service license in this release.

The Nebula CNP is a licensing security service for cloud-based access points that aims to protect small business WiFi networks, the devices that connect to the WiFi, and the network users from cybersecurity threats and optimizes connectivity to boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The CNP service include:

  • IP reputation filter blocks out unsafe web contents and malicious websites to prevent security breaches and avoid personal or business data leakage.
  • Application visibility with throttling brings visibility to the applications used in the networks to protect core operations and manage bandwidth for business-critical applications to ensure much-needed network reliability at all times.

The CNP license not only offers WiFi protection in commercial venues for their customers and staff, but also delivers smooth wireless connectivity for their connected applications or business assets, such as mobile POS systems, conference calls, video streaming, security cameras, or business laptops.

Image 1: Nebula CNP AP security service filters out unsafe web contents and brings visibility to the applications used in the network with bandwidth management.


CNP Licenses and supported models

Connect & Protect (CNP) security service offers two licensing options: CNP and CNP Plus. Users may choose the one best suited to their needs.

Connect & Protect CNP Plus license
  • IP reputation filter
  • IP reputation filter
  • Application visibility with
    bandwidth throttling

Supported Models

Supported Models

Always-on connectivity with 5G/LTE

Whether it is a food truck, pop-up store, or restaurant, small businesses can take advantage of an 'always-on' connectivity with Nebula cloud-managed 5G/LTE routers to extend business networks. With a mobile router, they can support an 'always-on' connected service in the areas that a traditional Internet network can’t reach, which opens up more opportunities for them to interact with their customers.

Also, business have evolved to leverage and rely more on online services from solutions like Office 365 to Finance and Logistics packages. These all need reliable and stable connectivity. Zyxel Nebula mobile router can support an ‘always-on’ connected service with an automatic failover to 5G/LTE when the primary Internet is down.

Our mobile routers can be managed remotely through the Nebula cloud platform and feature 5G or 4G LTE as either the primary or back-up connectivity to ensure ‘always-on’ connectivity for smooth operation without worrying about network availability or reliability.

Currently, Nebula P13 support the following cloud-managed mobile routers in these regions:


Image 2: Nebula expands its product portfolio in P13 to include 5G/LTE mobile routers - Nebula LTE3301-Plus (left), Nebula NR5101 (middle), and Nebula 7101 (right).

The Nebula family expands to support all your business needs

The latest P13 Nebula release sees the cloud networking solution now able to support more than 80 devices. All devices can be managed through one single Nebula platform, providing a unified, consistent user experience and giving SMBs a variety of solutions as they grow.

In addition to the three mobile routers mentioned above, the latest Nebula portfolio also adds two newly-released WiFi 6 access points, WAX630S and NWA90AX. The WAX630S AP comes with the smart antenna technology, which is ideal for use in high-density environments or with high bandwidth applications, whereas the NWA90AX AP is tailored for a smaller network, like in a small business location, office, or home.

MSP Pack feature enhancements

In Nebula P13 release, we have also added a few feature enhancements in the MSP Pack for improved visibility and usability. These enhancements include:

Image 5: Moving site and site devices to another organization in the cross-org site clone/movement.

Image 6: A dropdown list is available for easy selection when applying setting to organizations.

Image 7: MSP teams assignment is added when creating a new organization.

  • Site-level information can be viewed in the MSP portal overview.

    Image 3: A list of sites under the organization will appear as you hover your mouse cursor over the ‘Organization’ in the organization chart.

    • A list of sites under the same organization will appear as you hover your mouse cursor over the ‘Organization’ in the organization chart.
    • Site tab in MSP portal: A new tab for 'site' is added in the chart to provide information on the site-level.

      Image 4: Site tab is added to provide information on the site-level in the MSP portal.

  • Cross-org site clone/movement: Movement action is added in the cross-org feature. In cross-org site clone/movement, users are able to 'move' a site and the devices within the site from Organization A to Organization B. When moving site and site devices to another organization, there are options for users to choose whether they would like to reset the devices or keep the device management/WAN Interface.
  • Dropdown list supports 'all' and 'tagged org': A dropdown list is available for easy selection when applying settings to all organizations, multiple organizations or tagged organizations in Create/Update Teams, cross-org setting sync, and cross-org site clone features.
  • MSP teams assignment in Create organization: When creating a new organization, users can assign the organization to a specific ‘MSP team’ or multiple MSP teams to manage the organization.