Why a firmware upgrade should be top of your “To Do” list

Why a firmware upgrade should be top of your “To Do” list

Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe, explains why upgrading to the latest available firmware version for your Zyxel security appliance is important.

If you have started reading this blog it almost certainly means that you already have Zyxel security appliance, or you are thinking about buying one. Either way, you are probably also thinking it may not be that important to read the article too closely, as it is only about firmware. How important can that be?

Well, I would urge you to read on, because if there is one piece of advice that I have for everyone who has a security appliance, it is to make sure your firmware is always up to date. The firmware is the starter motor and core control function of your security device. If it is not up to date, you may not have the best possible protection. Not only that, but you will also be missing out on the latest functionality that will bring you some really great benefits.

Secure access

Keeping your firmware up to date is important because the things are always changing out there. Not only the threat landscape, but also the way that we work and interact. Home and mobile working has been massively accelerated by the pandemic, for example, making it more important than ever to monitor users who are connected remotely.

With the latest, version 5.10, of our security firmware, we have added a feature called Device Insight to provide improved visibility and control of all devices on the network, however and wherever they are connected. This also enforces “least privilege access control”, which allows you can give users access to only the apps, data, and services they really need to do their job.

Another key update with release 5.10 is the addition of two-factor authentication (2FA). This makes it harder for unwanted intruders to gain access, while still allowing quick and easy access for genuine users, who will need to use their usual log-in details, plus either a Google or Microsoft account authentication. A self-service enrollment portal makes this feature easy to deploy and manage.

Take control remotely

The third big upgrade with the latest firmware release is the addition of support for Nebula – our cloud management service – on the Zyxel ATP series of appliances and the USG20 appliance for smaller businesses. This is a huge step forward as it gives all users the option to manage security devices remotely – or hand management across to their Zyxel managed security services provider partner. Nebula makes many more advanced features available too, such as zero-trust security, sandboxing, and reputation filtering.

Getting your firmware 5.10 upgrade is quite simple. You just long onto the MyZyxel portal, or the download portal, and follow the instructions that you will find here. It will only take a few minutes and give you a great deal of added protection and security. Your Zyxel security appliance is there to defend your network and digital assets from all kinds of threats, so it’s important to keep the firmware up to date. Having read this blog, you will, I hope, make it the first task on your “To Do” list.

If you have any questions, or need any further help or guidance, please contact your local Zyxel office or trusted partner.