The switch that’s ‘just right’

The switch that’s ‘just right’

The Zyxel GS2220 smart managed switch comes with some great advanced capabilities and provides reliable, every-day performance, making it exactly the right choice for organisations that need a ‘Goldilocks’ combination of advanced features and core functionality, says Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel.

Switches are the basic building blocks of networks. They are the connection points for client and networked devices, such as wireless access points, IP cameras, IP phones and peripheral computing devices that are connected to the network. They also act as the junction boxes for network traffic, directing signals and packets along the appropriate route.

For most network users and administrators, as long as the switch performs these core functions, that’s fine. Beyond that, they don’t need to concern themselves with the switches that sit at various points on the network.

Unless, that is, there is a particular function that’s needed and is best performed within in the switch, at the heart of the network. This is why Zyxel, as well as offering unmanaged switches that just get on with the task of performing those core functions, also offers a choice of managed devices that provide the more advanced functionality that many customers need.

‘Goldilocks’ combination

Of course, everyone’s needs are different and it’s almost impossible to cram every single feature into a switch design. If we tried to do that, we’d end up with a pretty big – and expensive – box of tricks – many of which most customers would never use.

Zyxel’s job then is to find the so-called ‘Goldilocks’ combination. Something that has enough features to meet all the requirements of most customers but is not so highly-specified that it is too complex or costly.

This is what we like to think we have done with the GS2220 smart managed switch. This is a smart managed switch that has a set of features designed to suit the changing needs of modern businesses, but is still a great, reliable every-day switch and tremendous value for money.

Stand-out features of the GS2220 include support for multiple voice and video streams (Networked AV mode), advanced recovery for PoE devices, and ultra-quiet smart cooling technology. It also comes with a one-year Nebula ProPack license, which provides you with automated backup and recovery capability, bandwidth management and the ability set up virtual LANs and support more secure connections.

Increased collaboration

All these features are increasingly required by customers today. Hotels, for example, need a way to route video and voice to each room. With the increased use of video conferencing and collaboration, there is also a requirement to do this in many office locations and schools now.

PoE-powered devices are being used more often, usually to extend the reach of wireless networks and run surveillance cameras. The auto-recovery feature is really great for organisations that need PoE devices to be up and running 24/7.

And with all organisations now adopting more virtual and hybrid working practices, the ability that Nebula provides – to install and manage network devices remotely, and support virtual networks and secure connections – is becoming extremely popular.

Ultra-quite operation means a GS2220 switch can be deployed even in the smallest offices.

Fast fibre

In addition to these features, the GS2220 provides the smart managed control needed to run the network efficiently. It also comes with SFP fibre uplinks (two on the GS2220-10/10HP models, four on the 28/28HP, and six on the 50/ 50HP), so it can also support the higher bandwidth needs of today’s networks.

This combination of capabilities makes the GS2220 series ‘just right’ for those organisations that need one or more of its advanced features, but don’t want to pay for extras that they don’t need and will never use. If you’d like to find out more, please contact your local Zyxel office or partner.