Staying digitally safe at home

Staying digitally safe at home

With the comprehensive protection and extended support for multiple VPN connections they provide, Zyxel’s security devices and firewalls provide the protection and flexibility customers need to enable safe and productive home and remote working, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel.

We all accept now that home working is here to stay and will be a big part of the future. For businesses, therefore, being able to connect remote users securely at all times will be vitally important. Of course, organisations still need to protect their core network as well, and with more people connecting from home all the time now, the gateway to the network needs to be even more firmly secured.

It is this combination of requirements that Zyxel firewalls and unified security gateway solutions are designed to meet. They provide excellent all-round protection against all known and emerging threats, and will support for multiple, concurrent virtual private network (VPN) connections.

We have VPN firewalls and security appliances to suit organisations of every size. Some support as few as 30 concurrent connections, and these are very affordable even for smaller businesses; others will support as many as 500, so there will be a solution for every customer.

Enhanced Protection

We are constantly enhancing the protection that our firewalls provide. There are new threats emerging all the time and the firewall is the first real line of defence against viruses, Trojans, worms, and the multiplicity of problems they can cause. The number of hybrid threats continues to grow, and there are still plenty of ransomware attacks taking place as well.

Although we are all pre-occupied with the continuing pandemic situation to some degree, it’s important not to let our digital defences down. Cybercriminals are well aware that businesses may be distracted at the present time, and they will certainly try to exploit any gaps or back doors we might inadvertently leave open.

Frequent updates

This is why it’s important to implement updates and patches as soon as they become available. It is also worth making sure that your licences are up to date, and that you have the latest firmware. If you are not sure, just contact your nearest Zyxel office or trusted partner.

If you decide to invest in one of our new USG FLEX products, which are being launched in April this year, you will also have the option of controlling your device through Nebula – our cloud-based management service. This will mean updates are applied automatically and as time goes by, more of our security products will be Nebula-enabled. But that, as they say, is another story.

One of the frustrating aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, is that we don’t really know when it will be over and how our workplaces and working patterns might be affected in the future. Perhaps the best policy for now is to take no chances – to make sure that people can work at home, safely and securely. With Zyxel’s firewalls and USG solutions, that’s something you can do quite easily.

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