Zyxel customers get choices for comprehensive threat protection

Zyxel customers get choices for comprehensive threat protection

The Zyxel ATP series of unified security appliances are set to become even more popular with the introduction of two additional models that provide even more options, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel.

It was the middle of last year when we introduced the first of our ZyWALL ATP firewall appliances (‘ATP’ stands for Advanced Threat Protection, just in case you did not already know), to meet the growing need amongst our customers for appliances that would provide protection against both known and unknown threats.

Key features in the ATP line include sandboxing capability, which ensures that even ‘zero-day’ or unidentified threats can be managed and will not interfere with the every-day operation of the network. ATP devices have multiple layers of protection built-in, including anti-malware, intrusion detection and protection, plus VPN support.

They also have a Reputation Filter feature that checks IP addresses against a database of threats, held in the cloud, in real time. Any connections to suspicious sites are blocked immediately, and this information is then shared through our SecuReporter database with all other

Zyxel users, increasing the effectiveness of everyone’s network protection. Customers can generate reports on activity and see what threats they have been (and are being) safeguarded from at any time – all presented in an easy to read infographic style.

Quiet introduction

We introduced the first ATP appliances fairly quietly (the entry-level ATP100 and high-end ATP800 were the first to appear), as we were not sure exactly how quickly customers would start to purchase these devices, which offer higher performance and more features than any of our other security solutions and – as you’d expect – carry a higher price-tag.

However, we found that our customers really like the all-in-one approach we have taken with the ATP range, so we soon expanded it to include the ATP200 and ATP500. This array of devices met almost all the needs of almost all our customers, and we have now added two more models – the ATP700 and ATP100W (the ‘W’ is for wireless).

These new models fill the small gaps that existed for (in the case of the ATP700) customers who want to have most of the advantages and capabilities offered by the ATP800, but don’t need quite the same level of performance; and (in the case of the ATP100W) need a solution to support perhaps up to 10 users, and also want the convenience of having a wireless access point built into the device.


With the ATP700 and ATP100W now available, we think we have something to meet the needs of all customers who want the very best unified protection, conveniently packaged in one device. But of course, that’s not what everyone will need, and we continue to offer customers the additional choices provided by our VPN Firewalls, the Nebula-enabled NSG range, and the entry-level USG family, which remains extremely popular.

This provides our customers and partners with a tremendous range of choices to suit every possible requirement for network security – from smaller businesses that only need good, solid and affordable, all-round protection, to larger and mid-sized organisations that need the very latest and most comprehensive defences for their networks.

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