Zyxel customers and partners give seal of approval to USG FLEX series

Zyxel customers and partners give seal of approval to USG FLEX series

The extensive firewall protection and excellent performance of our new USG FLEX series of security gateways has quickly made them a become a popular choice for customers of all sizes – Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel, explains why.

Back in the summer we announced the USG FLEX series of unified security gateways, giving our customers access to higher performance and more advanced features to protect their networks against the multiplicity of digital and email-borne malware that is now in existence.

Well, USG FLEX has now been available for six months and we are pleased to say that it has been very well-received. Our customers and partners alike, really like the additional power and speed, and the strong unified threat management features of USG FLEX. They have also been pleased with the easy configuration and management they offer.

Here is what one Zyxel partner, Manfred Knapp, Managing Director of Knapp Systembetreuung GmbH in Austria, said: “The USG FLEX200 is a very stable and easy-to-configure firewall. The configuration follows the same methodology of previous generations, making it very easy to set up.”

Great feedback

From a Zyxel perspective, this is great feedback as it means we have achieved exactly what we intended. We’ve provided improved protection, better performance and made it even easier to set-up and to manage our unified security gateways. For our partners, and our customers this is also good news, of course, as it means Zyxel is an even better choice for protection at the edge of the network. One that will deliver excellent security and return on investment.

The other feedback we’ve been getting from our partners is that the new USG FLEX series is a more complete range that meets the needs of all kinds of customers. This is also very pleasing, as this was what something we really wanted to accomplish with the USG FLEX family.

More to come

There truly are devices to suit all sizes of organisation. Starting with the USG FLEX 100 and USG FLEX 100W (with built-in WiFi) for smaller businesses, up to the powerful USG FLEX 700, which supports throughput of up to 54000Mbps and up to 150 VPN connections, making it perfect for organisations that have a lot of employees working from home.

And next year, the story gets event better as we will be adding support for Nebula, our cloud-based remote configuration and management service. This will make it even easier for admins and MSPs to monitor the firewall and all its capabilities and to fine-tune the configuration to optimise performance.

We are delighted that the USG FLEX is meeting the needs of both our customers and partners. As we like to say, Zyxel is your networking ally, and you can rest assured that we will go on listening to your feedback and designing networking and security solutions that will meet your every-changing needs.

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