The Express route to unified threat protection

The Express route to unified threat protection

The latest updates to Zyxel USG range of unified threat protection gateways deliver higher performance and use the very latest techniques to deliver up-to-the-minute protection for your networks, as Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel, explains.

Zyxel’s Unified Security Gateway (USG) Series appliances are a popular choice for organisations that want to make sure they and their users are protected from all kinds of digital threats. Our unified security gateways come with a next-generation firewall, support for VPN connectivity, anti-virus protection (now provided on Zyxel devices by McAfee), anti-spam, content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention (IDP), and application intelligence and control capabilities.

This makes them ideal for environments in which there are a lot of users connecting to the network at different times and with multiple devices. For university campuses or student accommodation dormitories, and in conference centres and hotels, for example, the USG Series is ideal. Also, for small and medium-sized businesses, they provide excellent, all-round protection that is simple to manage and great value.

Improving and updating

But, of course, the threat landscape is always changing and so are the needs demands of our customers, and we are constantly improving and updating our products to provide you with the best possible performance and protection.

One of the big changes for many customers over the past few months has been the increasing number of devices that are connecting to their networks. It used to be that one user would connect with one or maybe two devices. But we now see each user connecting with multiple devices – not only their PC and smartphone, but tablets, smart speakers, digital TVs and even smart lighting and locks.

This increases the amount of traffic that the device USG appliance has to process quite significantly. To make sure they can deal with that, with have made some important performance enhancements in the latest firmware update.

The USG Series now has an Express Mode that supercharges throughput when there is a particularly high volume of traffic to manage. It uses advanced cloud query technology and threat intelligence machine learning to access and interrogate the 30 billion file IDs that are held within the Zyxel security cloud’s database. This database is being updated by the minute, so you can always be confident that it will detect the latest and newest threats.

No compromise This innovative design improves the efficiency of anti-virus detection. File IDs can be verified, and threats identified within seconds, while achieving optimum throughput. The result, for our customers and for their network users, is faster performance and response times, but with absolutely no compromise on protection. Even better for USG customers, this improvement comes as part of a regular firmware update, which should be available for download by the time you are reading this article. If you should need to buy additional licenses or to renew current licenses, you can to that on the Zyxel Marketplace. For further details and assistance, please contact your local Zyxel partner or office.

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