Get an extra six months free security license with Zyxel USG appliances

Get an extra six months free security license with Zyxel USG appliances

If you thought it had gone quite on the security front, think again. There are always new stories about companies being hacked and losing data and we should not expect the pace to slow down any time soon. In recent weeks, we have seen reports of cyberattacks on a hospital in France, on retailers, and on the UK’s Labour Party. While there may be different motivations for attacks being launched on these organisations, the end result is still the same. The organisations targeted are at the very least embarrassed and inconvenienced by the attack, and in the worst case scenarios, disabled with their data held to ransom.

While Zyxel and its partners are not in the business of scaring customers – we are in the business of protecting you from the potential harm that cyberattacks can cause. This is why we provide such comprehensive protection with our USG (Unified Security Gateway) appliances. With these appliances, we provide first-class protection from all kinds of threats.

Extra incentive

Zyxel USG appliances come with a one-year license for our Unified Threat Management (UTM) Services – and we’re now offering an extra six months on top of this to any customers who purchases one of our ZyWALL USG40, 60 or 110 appliances.

We are doing this to give customers an extra incentive to upgrade to the comprehensive all-round protection that these advanced appliances offer; and provide them with an even better combination of features, performance and value that will ensure the very best protection without putting too much stress on the IT budget.

Comprehensive protection

All you need to do is register an appliance to get the additional six months of protection. Our UTM Services include anti-virus and anti-malware scanning, intrusion detection and prevention, application monitoring and content filtering capabilities, detailed reporting and the ability to manage hotspots and access points.

The offer is open to anyone who purchases a USG device and subsequently registers and activates their license on the portal by 31st January 2020. Customers who have registered already will also get the extra six months. If you have any questions or want to know more about the capabilities of the Zyxel USG Series, contact your local Zyxel partner.

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