Get 15% off when you trade-in your old firewall for a Zyxel VPN Series appliance

Get 15% off when you trade-in your old firewall for a Zyxel VPN Series appliance

You can get a great deal right now on Zyxel’s new VPN Series appliances – and according to Thorsten Kurphun, European Security Market Development Manager at Zyxel, it it’s a good time to upgrade.

At this time of year, everyone is focused on spending money. On buying presents for family and friends, and on getting food and drink into the house for the festive season and New Year celebrations. It’s a time of year when it is very easy to put business decisions on hold – at least until everyone returns to work in January.

But no business can afford to just switch off from the need to keep their business secure – and Christmas is a time when it’s important to stay vigilant. Hackers and criminals will be all too aware that this is the period during which organisations are most likely to let their defences down a little.

Making it easier

On the other hand, it is also a quiet time in the office, and therefore a good time to upgrade your network protection systems without causing any disruption. But having spent a lot of money personally over the Christmas holidays, how many business managers will be in the mood to invest in new security appliances?

Well, Zyxel is making it a little easier this holiday season. Until the end of January, we are making a special trade-in offer available that gives businesses a huge 15% off the price of one of our new VPN Series appliances when they trade-in their old Zyxel firewall appliances.

This very special offer provides customers with an extra incentive to step up to the VPN range and provide the best possible protection for their network and users. With the VPN series, you get faster performance, higher throughput and the very best protection from the latest threats. You also, of course, get very secure remote access – and that’s another important reason for upgrading.

Working away

The holiday season is a time when many staff will want to spend an extra day or two working at home – and with VPN solutions, they can do that safe in the knowledge that the point-to-point connection will be completely secure. With more people working at home and away from the office than ever for at least part of the week, it’s important to have very good security on remote connections now, so making sure you provide that kind of protection is a good investment.

The volume and sophistication of threats continues to grow unabated, and security will remain a high priority for all business in 2020. The trade-in can be applied to our VPN Firewall Series 50, 100 and 300 appliances, so there is something for every size of business. You can trade in any Zyxel ZyWALL appliance and the promotion is available until 31 January 2020. To find out more, just contact your local Zyxel Partner.