Even better protection for your network

Even better protection for your network

With McAfee’s web filtering and cloud query functionality now added to the great all-round protection they already provided, Zyxel’s USG FLEX series of firewall and UTM appliances, now offer even better protection, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel

If you follow Zyxel’s security developments, you will be aware that we recently launched the new USG FLEX range of firewall appliances, which offer higher performance and advanced unified protection for networks and users.

We have now made a further enhancement to USG FLEX – the addition of McAfee cloud-based web filtering and cloud query functionality. This means that USG FLEX offers even better protection. You can now select from over 100 categories of threat and thus set your security threshold even higher. It puts you in control and means that we will get an even higher detection rate of suspect network traffic.

Immediate inspection

With the additional functionality included, any questionable traffic will be checked by McAfee`s cloud query.n. If it is deemed safe, it will be released and allowed to continue onto its destination. If not, this will be recorded and reported on through the USG FLEX’s simple and effective dashboard display. More detailed and centralized reporting can be provided by making use of our cloud-based intelligent analytics and report solution, SecuReporter.

With USG FLEX we have integrated threat intelligence from leading cybersecurity companies – such as Bitdefender and McAfee – to ensure we provide the best real-time protection against both known and as-yet-unidentified threats. This increases the accuracy and effectiveness of the protection USG FLEX offers. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that we also have built-in web filtering that complies with CTIRU (Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit) guidelines on restricting access to terrorist materials online.

Multi-layered protection

The multi-layered protection that USG FLEX gives you means that everyone on the network can get on with their work, safe in the knowledge that their data and systems are safeguarded. Customers can also apply restrictions to prevent users accessing websites or downloading apps or data that may pose a risk to security.

It is also worth knowing in these times in which more people are working remotely, that USG FLEX offers support for IPsec, SSL or L2TP-based VPNs and can thus provide secure connections that are now needed by many organisations on an almost daily basis.

The USG FLEX Series already provided great firewall security and unified threat management for networks, With the addition of McAfee cloud-based web filtering and cloud querying, that protection just got even better.

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