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Tell Us What You Think about Astra Service Preview Edition

Hello there, welcome to our customer survey of Zyxel Astra Service Preview Edition. We are always working to make our service catered to your needs, so your thoughts are important to us! Your feedback helps us decide which features to build and what enhancements should be made to Astra Service.
Thank you for joining the survey! The campaign will be closed on October 31st, the participants will be eligible to win the Zyxel special giveaway, including 1-year FREE Astra Service for two winners (The Best Prize) and etcetera. Zyxel will notify giveaway winners via email individually. Please visit T&Cs for more information.

Background Questions

(If you choose "Others" in the Country field, Please enter your country here!)
C-Level VP Director Manager Engineer/Architect Admin/Analyst Individual Contributor Self-employed
Service Provider (MSP/ISP) VAR Service Provider IT-Network IT-Applications IT-Consulting/Partner/Reseller IT-Management/Data Center IT-Security/System Business Operations Non-IT/Others Sales/Business Development

Survey Questions

Yes No (if no, please refer to Q3)
A few times per day Almost daily A few times per week About once per week A few times per month About once per month

Q5. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the following features of Astra?

5 – Very satisfied 4 – Satisfied 3 – Neutral 2 – Unsatisfied 1 – Very unsatisfied
5 – Very satisfied 4 – Satisfied 3 – Neutral 2 – Unsatisfied 1 – Very unsatisfied

Q6. Which features are most valuable to you?

Members with most attempts Top website usage of all members Top IP usage of all members Most accessed blocked website of all members Most accessed blocked IP of all members Non-admin users
Website protection IP protection myZyxel Email Leak Checker Activity under watch & usage by IP/website
1-5 6-10 11-15 Over 15 members Non-admin users
1-5 6-10 11-15 Over 15 members Non-admin users
5 - Strongly agree 4 - Agree 3 - Neutral 2 - Disagree 1 - Strongly disagree
The app was visually unappealing The app was confusing to use I experienced bugs The app was missing features I needed The app crashed Others
Functionality Look and feel Stability Speed Navigation
VPN Client for Remote Access Anti-malware Web Content Filter Application Patrol Windows Version Summary Report Others
5 - Highly likely 4 - Likely 3 - Neutral 2 - Unlikely 1 - Highly unlikely
Pricing plan of different packages Payment method Various feature packages Free trial period Device compatibility Accounts flexibility Cloud features add more Security features add more Customer service Attractive additional service offerings
Yes No
Yes No
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