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Licenses for Unified Security Gateway/ZyWALL Series

To Become an Approved Zyxel Partner:

  1. Join our Partner Program
  2. Once Approved, email your sales rep with your account email so we can load partner pricing into Marketplace.
  3. Once pricing is loaded, login to Marketplace with your login.
  4. Purchase licenses, and the system will automatically activate the licenses for the devices you manage directly.

Follow the steps to manage the services for your customers.

Buying and Renewing Zyxel Security Licenses has gotten easier through Zyxel Marketplace! Just follow these steps

  1. If you haven't already done so, create a account and register your Zyxel security device you wish to buy or renew licenses.
  2. Go to or Login to Zyxel Marketplace HERE. Using your account.
  3. Find the device you wish to purchase licenses for and add these to the cart, then check out.
  4. That's It! No license keys to enter, no services to manually activate.

UTM Security Service Licenses

Product Duration Content Filtering Application Management
UAG5100 1 year ICCF1YUAG5100C ICAM1YUAG5100
2 year ICCF2YUAG5100C ICAM2YUAG5100

Other Security Service Licenses

Product Device Support Upgrade (One Time Licence) Managed AP Upgrade (One Time License) Device Support Upgrade (One Time License) Managed AP Upgrade(One Time License)
Add 100 Devices
Add 4 AP Support (ICAP4USGZW)


Add 8 AP Support (ICAP8USGZW)
Add 100 Devices(IC100UAG2100)
Add 4 AP Support (ICAP4USGZW)


Add 8 AP Support (ICAP8USGZW)
Add 100 Devices
Add 4 AP Support (ICAP4USGZW)


Add 8 AP Support (ICAP8USGZW)
Add 100 Devices(IC100UAG4100)
Add 4 AP Support (ICAP4USGZW)


Add 8 AP Support (ICAP8USGZW)
Add 300 Devices
Add 4 AP Support (ICAP4USGZW)


Add 8 AP Support (ICAP8USGZW)
Add 300 Devices(IC300UAG5100)
Add 4 AP Support (ICAP4USGZW)


Add 8 AP Support (ICAP8USGZW)


  1. Zyxel USGs can be purchased with bundled 12-month standard license (anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering and IDP) with extra 1-month trial.
  2. Licenses can be easily activated, renewed and managed at
  3. License bundles may vary according to region. Please contact your local sales representative for more information
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