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4G LTE-A Indoor Router

LTE5388-S905, 4G LTE-A Indoor Router

Zyxel LTE5388-S905 4G LTE-A Indoor Router supports Cat. 16 and 3.5 GHz CBRS band by sharing their spectrums across legacy and new users. This provides your subscribers with a high–speed internet service and enables fast customer service without the reconstruction of wires.

LTE5388-S905, LTE CBRS
LTE5388-S905, Cat. 16/DL 580 Mbps
LTE5388-S905, 4x4 MIMO high-performance antennas
LTE5388-S905, Multiple APNs
LTE5388-S905, TR-069/TR-181
LTE5388-S905, Mobile apps


Lightning-fast internet connectivity

Zyxel LTE5388-S905 employs 3GPP UE downlink Category 16, with high-level practice LTE-A technology and data rates of up to 580/30 Mbps* (DL/UL). The built-in 4x4 MIMO high-performance antennas increase your service capacity and expand the internet coverage for your subscribers.

Easy installation with a space-saving design

The simple and intuitive device design of Zyxel LTE5388-S905 provides your subscribers with trouble-free installation and configuration experience, while allowing you to maintain an excellent service quality with a lower OPEX.

Boosts efficiency of the existing infrastructure with dual-mode flexibility

The Zyxel LTE5388-S905 supports the bridge/router function, allowing you to start a new deployment or upgrade services by connecting to the subscriber’s existing broadband router with a lower CAPEX. The compatible Zyxel mobile app saves the cost of purchasing additional configuration apps for your subscribers and reduces service calls during the installation process.

Remote management for lower OPEX

With TR-069, TR-181 and TR-143 support, the Zyxel LTE5388-S905 effectively secures OPEX by reducing the frequency of on-site support and by providing simplified diagnostic, configuration and troubleshooting processes.

Application diagram

LTE5388-S905, 4G LTE-A Indoor Router
  • The maximum wireless data transfer rate is derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 and 3GPP specifications close to UE Category 16. Actual data transfer rates will vary from network environment including distance, network traffic, building site materials/construction, interference from other wireless devices, and other adverse conditions.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.