Why being there beats everything

Why being there beats everything

Zyxel’s Customer Experience Centre is an invaluable resource for partners and customers who want see the company’s technologies in action – and with every safety precaution possible being taken, it’s the ideal place to run customer demonstrations and proof-of-concept testing, as Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager, Zyxel EMEA, explains.

While we have all got used to working at home over the last few months, most of us would also admit that we miss the regular interaction with our colleagues. In the end, there is no substitute for being there in the room with someone.

It’s the same with technology. We can be shown how a device is set-up over Teams or by watching a tutorial video. We can see technologies being tested virtually, share screens, and watch how the performance figures pan out. Then we can discuss the results over our conferencing platform and exchange further thoughts via IM or email.

But nothing will really beat being there and seeing all that happen for yourself in real life. This is why we are delighted that we have once again been able to start inviting our partners and customers to visit our Customer Experience Centre, which is situated in Aachen, north-western Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands and Belgium.

Significant investment

This state-of-the-art facility has been set-up to provide a way to run real-world simulations and testing on some of Zyxel’s most advanced solutions – namely our GPON, ZoneDAS, and SD-WAN technologies. Customers will need to make a significant investment when they deploy these offerings, and they will naturally want to see them in action and reassure themselves that they will perform as expected before they make that commitment.

At the same time, it would be both complex and costly for our partners to set-up one-off demonstrations for individual customers. This is why Zyxel invested in creating the Customer Experience Centre. It’s equipped with the very latest technologies and our customer services team has set up a number of use-case scenarios, ready to demonstrate at any time.

Visiting this unique facility will allow customers to see our advanced technologies working as they would in a real-life situation and talk to our experts in these technologies, ask questions and explore different possibilities in depth. It provides everything you need to prove that these advanced Zyxel technologies will indeed deliver positive outcomes and excellent return on investment.

Real experience

We have already had a number of customers visit us at the Customer Experience Centre since the restrictions on physical distancing and movement were eased. And while this is being constantly monitored, the layout and regime in the building has been modified to ensure that everyone who comes to the centre can maintain distancing and hygiene at all times.

There is no charge for using the Customer Experience Centre, but appointments do need to be made in advance. Zyxel’s own specialists will set-up the technologies and solutions and carry out the demonstration and testing of equipment as required on the day.

If there are any concerns about travelling to or coming onto the premises, simulations can also be conducted virtually. But, as I said right at the start of this blog, the whole point about the Customer Experience Centre is that it really enables you to experience the technology, how it works and how effective it is, for yourself.

We very much hope that the situation in Europe with regrade to movement and travel continues to improve. One thing you can be certain of is that our team of experts and technicians will be ready to help you set up demonstrations of our most advanced technologies and to welcome you to the Zyxel Customer Experience Centre.

You will find more information on the Customer Experience Centre here. Or contact your local Zyxel sales office or partner.

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