The firewall that flexes to your needs

The firewall that flexes to your needs

The latest additions to Zyxel’s USG FLEX series of security appliances are receiving rave reviews and excellent feedback from customers and partners, which is no surprise to Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at the company.

We have received a really positive response to the introduction of our new USG FLEX firewall appliances. This is very pleasing but to me, it’s honestly not a surprise. Customers and partners have been asking for the added flexibility that USG FLEX provides – to manage devices from the cloud, or on-premises – and an extended choice of models that would suit every organisation – from smaller businesses to large enterprises.

Zyxel can now provide that flexibility – to manage security in the way that suits you best and, if you choose to manage all your network devices with Nebula (wireless access points and switches as well as security appliances), this is ideal. It’s especially beneficially to organisations that want to place network monitoring and control in the hands of the trusted managed services provider (MSP), and indeed for those MSPs themselves.

Everything’s good

For both our end-user customers then, and for our partners, the introduction of the extended USG FLEX line is excellent news. Of course, we are pleased that the new products have had such a good reception from network administrators, engineers, and end user customers as well. What’s gone down particularly well is the ease of installation and use, and the overall look and feel of the products. Really, our customers and partners seem to like everything about the USG FLEX series.

But as I already said – without being complacent in any way – we expected that. Our research and development team have put a lot of effort into the design and production of the USG FLEX series – and much of that work (as is always the case) was based on customer feedback.

Further enhancements

That work goes on. As well all know, the world of work in changing and many more people are now able to work at home or remotely. We continue to make enhancements to all our products and solutions to meet the changing requirements of our customers.

Towards the end of this year, we will be providing Nebula support on the ZyWALL ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) series of firewalls, and also making further enhancements to Nebula, making it an even more attractive option for customers and MSPs who want flexible control over all their network devices.

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