Nebula Provides Speedy and Secure Connectivity to Ensure Great Event Experience

Regularly holding events attracting thousands of people a day, Fair Pavilion of Ciudad Real had its sights set on a network overhaul that could ensure secure, lightning-fast wireless for visitor and admin use alike across its 12,000 square meters. The organization opted for Zyxel solutions, and worked with its system integration partner CIM Informática to replace the existing wired infrastructure with a single, centralized solution. Seeking a futureproof investment that would also support easier network management, they chose a cloud-based solution powered by Zyxel’s ATP firewall, smart managed PoE switch, and WiFi 6 APs. As well as allowing the center to manage a large number of APs with ease, the new system’s intuitive UI has transformed network management from an overly complex headache into a breeze. Similarly stark is the difference offered by the beefed up security. The exhibition center’s communications and networking chief, Juan Bautista García de la Calle, says the new infrastructure has been a game changer for him and his staff, citing the flexible management and up to 10-times-faster speeds. The system has reduced latency and delivers complete coverage, providing high-quality connections without audio or video dropouts. Meanwhile, the advanced network security protects every connection by using encryption to ensure the inviolability of WiFi passwords.

Everything has gone perfectly since the new network went into operation. The ease of management as well as the deployment of equipment across the center has made it easy for us to provide quality WiFi for every visitor, wherever they are.

Juan Bautista García de la Calle
Head of Internet and Communications Section
Ciudad Real Provincial Council

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