Century-old Czech Grammar School Secures Its Future with Nebula Solution

The Libeň Castle Grammar School’s 110-year history is a point of pride but until recently was also standing in the way of its future. The building’s design is emblematic of high-density environments, and it was suffering the results: dead spots, dropouts, and poor connection quality. The school set out to deploy a new network. With support of real-time signal analysis and the ability to mitigate WiFi interference while handling large numbers of client devices, Zyxel’s WAC6503D-S AP was a safe choice, with GS1900 Smart Managed PoE switches installed to power the dozens of APs. To allow remote control of the APs anytime, anywhere, and from any device, the Nebula cloud networking solution was adopted. It gives admin a complete overview of network traffic in one place, including a list of every client device. All configuration changes can be made remotely, including installing new APs. With the all-new network in place, the school is now ready for full-time or distance learning, and anything in between. The network’s capacity can handle all the terminal devices used by employees and students, and rules can be easily defined to keep students safe and focus on their studies. Ing. Pavel Čeřovský, Executive Officer at NWS, the school’s sytem integrator, indicated, “Zyxel’s networking products have proved to provide excellent value for money as well as high reliability. Also, we’ve found the Nebula cloud networking management platform is very convenient to manage the network remotely as it can be accessed via any device. This is saving us and the school time and effort in both the initial configuration and subsequent network management.”

The new network infrastructure has met all our requirements for availability, performance and transmission speeds. We’re already heavily using its features to provide distance learning and are looking forward to them helping us ease the transition of students back to the classroom. And once that happens, because the WiFi network is futureproof here, it will be extremely easy to add on to. We’re already looking forward to expanding functions of the multimedia center. Teachers and other school staff also benefit from better access to webinars and similar resources.

RNDr. František Kosina
Director, Libeň Castle Grammar School

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