Russian New Build Transformed Into Smart Home with Zyxel Wireless Solution

With construction of this private estate nearing completion, its owners wanted network connectivity to match the beautiful modern aesthetic. This meant a LAN to support the low-power subsystems that would make this a truly modern house, like smart home functions and video surveillance systems, as well as powerful and stable wireless across the estate. Upon examining the house, however, system integrator Unix found the thick concrete walls posed a major challenge to quality WiFi. Furthermore, the plaster and other finishing materials used can also affect radio waves. Plus, the large amount of high-tech equipment across the house further increased demand on the network. The integrator initially opted for a well-known American manufacturer but quickly found this would blow out the project’s budget. Product testing then revealed that Zyxel’s solutions delivered the same performance in functionality, reliability, and ease of installation and management – and with better bang for their buck. Network installation started right after construction, with seven people involved. The monthlong deployment and configuration went off without a hitch. The residents who have moved in their houses are enjoying their smart home’s luxuries as well as high-performance WiFi allowing them to communicate via voice messenger while roaming the estate.

We’ve worked with Zyxel Networks for a while now. For this project, we conducted a series of tests on Zyxel's devices and found that they met all our client’s requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, and easy installation and management. In these regards, there was no difference between Zyxel Networks and the other vendor we were looking at. But there was a difference in price, and Zyxel Networks was much more affordable.

Konstantin Sigaev
Project Manager, Unix