Italian Football Club Subs on ATP Firewall to Kick Security, GDRP Goals

U.S. Cremonese needed to replace its obsolete network to ensure the compliance of its server, networking, WiFi, and cloud solutions with the EU GDPR’s stringent standards. The club contacted its system partner, PRT Sistemi, which adopted Zyxel’s solutions to guarantee the security and high-performance WiFi service of the stadium and Arvedi Sports Center. To kick things off, an advanced ATP500 firewall featuring high throughput was deployed to ensure encrypted traffic without slowing transmission. With frequent firmware updates and the ability to expand the number of WANs, the firewall also allows VPN access from any device, protected by two-factor authentication, updated UTM filters, and sandboxing. In the office and ticket offices, NAP203 APs were deployed. The Nebula cloud platform can manage the APs anywhere, making it a breeze to push mass firmware updates and facilitating future expandability with hotspot solutions. Meanwhile, XGS1930 switches were used as the main switches and GS1920 smart managed switches used to power the APs, with all able to be monitored and managed via Nebula. The stadium and sports center now have highly secure, high-speed WiFi with sufficient throughput for large numbers of users, while the network can separate WiFi traffic on different SSIDs subject to different policies.

With Zyxel’s outstanding security and Nebula cloud networking management solution, we were able to provide the customer exactly what they were after: state-of-the-art infrastructure that fully met all GDPR requirements.

Marco Pedroni
Owner, PRT Sistemi Srl