Zyxel Network Solution Shapes Guest’s Journey at Turkish Five-Star Hotel

The Bayir Diamond Hotel and Convention Center in Konya, Turkey provides top-tier accommodation and guest services to visitors travelling for both business and pleasure. To maintain its position in the local hospitality sector, the hotels management knows that guests expect high-speed and stable Internet access throughout the facility. Hotel staff also requires secure wired and wireless access to manage operations and monitor the hotel’s network of CCTV cameras. Zyxel assembled the right wired and wireless technology to satisfy all of the hotel’s needs. Local Zyxel partner Aybiltech provided the personalized touch that is the hallmark of Zyxel solutions and services.


Zyxel and their local business partner, Aybiltech, developed a project with the most suitable hardware and software for our hotel and implemented this project with successful planning. We would like to thank Aybiltech for providing this Zyxel-based solution with professional service quality.

Kazım Öztoklu
General Manager Bayır Diamond Hotel

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