ZyXEL Helps University Library Step Up to 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Reduced Management Overhead

Academic activity on today’s university campuses still revolves round the library. However, the modern university library has changed with the times. Today, connectivity is now the key to this evolving e-learning environment where students and researchers are just as likely search out information via handheld devices and notebook computers as they are to browse the shelves of print material. Staff at National Chiao Tun University’s Hao-Ran Library & Information Center knew it was time to adapt. A complete overhaul of its outdated network was needed to provide the best possible connection between library users and the information housed inside. ZyXEL stepped in with a complete wireless solution that was stable, secure and scalable for future expansion.

“ZyXEL has supported us from beginning to the end, helping create a comprehensive solution for our library. ZyXEL determined our needs and significantly upgraded our network. Implementing a solution has led us to improve the quality of our network and the services we offer students, faculty, and guests in a cost-effective way.”

Dr. Yu-Ze Kuo
Network System Manager of IT Service Center, NCTU

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