Turkish Business School Closes Deal on New Network Infrastructure

The teaching staff of TEVİTÖL Schools knows the importance of providing the next generation of entrepreneurs with all technological innovations necessary to succeed in an increasingly digital world. The educational institution creates opportunities for talented students with limited financial resources to become business leaders. Creating such an experience requires the best available networking tools. The school agreed to work with Zyxel to design a communication infrastructure that would provide the innovators of tomorrow with the best possible education today. As part of this partnership, an analysis study was carried out to establish wired and wireless networks with the state-of-the-art Zyxel products and end-to-end networking solutions.

Our school is an educational institution that aims to provide good educational opportunities to highly skilled students with financial difficulties. We require seamless Internet access for this purpose. We would like to thank Zyxel, and their business partner, PM Group, who have supported us in this project.

Mustafa Meral
TEVİTÖL Schools IT Manager

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