Indian Financial Institution Banks Deploy Zyxel VPN Solution to Connect Branches

Kumbakonam Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd. has grown into one of the more successful financial institutions in southern India. With success comes new challenges, including connecting a growing number of branches with employees, management and customers. The company’s existing network was feeling the strain of all this rapid growth. To tackle these challenges, KMBF turned to Zyxel. Through the help of a local technology partner, a solution was created using the latest VPN technology. Now branches can link effortlessly to headquarters and are equipped to adapt to future growth.

We were looking for a cost-effective and secure solution to connect our client’s offices, which are in different cities. Many vendors came with different solutions, but we had decided to go with Zyxel’s VPN because of its performance and cost-effectiveness.

Mr. Ashok Sharma
Managing Director, Gallant Infosys

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