Hospitality MSP Standardizes on Zyxel Nebula to Centrally Manage High-Performance Property-Wide Network Infrastructures

The Colorado Rockies tourists and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world looking to indulge in the region’s unmatched beauty and recreational opportunities. Facilities ranging from humble bed and breakfasts to spacious ski resorts cater to visitors who enjoy communing with nature while staying connected to the outside world. Resortinternet helps such hospitality businesses provide the connectivity their guests crave. When competition from cable providers led the small IT company to focus on bespoke network services, Resortinternet found it challenging to deliver premium technology without pricing themselves out the market. Thankfully, Zyxel was ready to hit the slopes with the right solutions at a price that allowed Resortinternet to undercut the competition.

Overall, our partnership with Zyxel has been great. We’re able to keep the cost of entry low into a property without losing any features of the more expensive solutions, so we get the best of both worlds.

Bryon Wentzlaff
Director of Sales for ResortInternet

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