Chic Turkish Dormitory Gets a High-Tech Infusion with Zyxel’s Wired and Wireless Solutions

The Melisa Girls’ Dormitory and Living Center’s two locations were becoming so popular, a full-scale network upgrade was a must. To achieve this, the dormitory worked together with MEB Computer, a Zyxel partner in Turkey. Already offering an array of amenities like comfortable rooms with climate control, extensive TV options, and a range of social and leisure rooms to explore, the company was looking to meet the ever-increasing computing needs of its residents and guests. With Zyxel’s wired and wireless network solution, students at the Melisa dorms received a powerful and secure network experience that ensured they could quickly make their academic dreams a reality.

We own two dorms in different areas in Turkey. In these two locations, we decided to set up our network infrastructure with Zyxel solutions so that students could take their online courses with fast, stable, and secure internet access.

At the end of the project, Zyxel solutions and partner MEB Computer proved that we made the right decision.

Mehmet Sadık Dizin
General Manager, Melisa Girls’ Dormitory and Living Center

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