ZyXEL’s Unified Access Point Integrates Modern In-room Services for the Hospitality Industry

Effortless installation with universal mountable design via wall jack

February 24, 2014; Hsinchu, Taiwan – Today, ZyXEL Communications introduced the NWA5301-NJ 802.11 b/g/n Wall Plate Unified Access Point. The NWA5301-NJ not only provides outstanding Wi-Fi service from room to room, but also integrates modern in-room services for hotels, classrooms and meeting rooms. The NWA5301-NJ with its innovative wall plate design facilitates quick, effortless installation for simple deployment and management.

ZyXEL is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a wide portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications, service providers to small- and medium-size businesses and home users.

The NWA5301-NJ not only functions as a Wi-Fi AP (access point), but also as an in-room service extender for hotel guests. NWA5301-NJ provides an additional PoE port, a RJ-48 phone pass-through port and one GbE port for deploying other services in rooms, such as connections for analogue or digital phones, IP-TV, fax machines, printers or desktop PCs. This feature could spare hotel businesses from having to invest in additional power outlets or cabling.

The NWA5301-NJ enhances coverage and eliminates dead spots for ideal network efficiency, while the 802.11n technology provides bandwidths of up to 300 Mbps. In addition, the NWA5301-NJ optimizes communication performance with mobile devices through its embedded high-gain antenna, which maximizes RF patterns. While many APs are less likely to pick up data sent from mobile devices that commonly operate at lower signal power compared to laptops, the NWA5301-NJ’s advanced RF design solves this problem, distinguishing it from other WLAN APs.

The back panel design of the NWA5301-NJ fits the majority of outlet boxes. This unique design allows customers to set up a WLAN AP rapidly with nearly effortless mounting and installation. The result is significant time saved during large-scale deployments. To prevent hardware theft, the NWA5301-NJ can be firmly anchored to the wall plate.

Moreover, hotel guests could enjoy comfort and peace of mind due to NWA5301-NJ’s ingenious “suppress mode” design. The LED will stop blinking after system initialization is complete.

Security is also a primary concern and ZyXEL is committed to protecting user data with the NWA5301-NJ. The layer-2 isolation function makes guests to only access those shared services and peripherals allowed by management, such as hotel fax machines and printers, while blocking them from accessing the devices of other users connected to the hotel’s wireless network.

These superior design features help hotels to provide integrated in-room services through quick installation, effortless deployment and thorough management.

For a complete list of product features, please visit 802.11 b/g/n Wall-Plate Unified Access Point on the ZyXEL global Web site or contact your local sales representatives

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