ZyXEL’s Intelligent WLAN Controllers Provide Non-stop and Worry-free Wi-Fi Service

May 6th, 2014; Hsinchu, Taiwan – Today, ZyXEL Communications introduced its next-generation NXC5500 Wireless LAN controllers, offering ultimate performance, non-stop Wi-Fi service, and WLAN optimization for large-scale Wi-Fi networks that support up to 512 access points (APs). Running the latest firmware, the NXC5500 streamlines a worry-free network management with advanced features including ZyMESH, Auto Healing and Client Steering.   

ZyXEL is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a wide portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications, service providers to small- and medium-size businesses and home users.

The NXC5500 provides ultimate performance via powerful hardware that enables higher bandwidth and more flexible deployments. As the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) spreads to more office and work environments, networks must serve more users, often equipped with multiple devices. The NXC5500 helps to build a robust network by supporting up to 16,000 concurrent devices without compromising performance. Additionally, with comprehensive access management functions, the NXC5500 controller can help administrators to manage large-scale networks with ease.

The NXC5500 makes configuration a snap, enables efficient management, and enhances reliability by employing a revolutionary mesh networking technology—ZyMESH. With the help of ZyMESH, the NXC5500 can extend Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of the deployment target, especially those hard-to-reach areas inaccessible to traditional cabling.

It doesn’t get much easier than a network that administers itself, and that is just what the NXC5500 does through its Auto Healing function. The NXC5500 controller helps the network administrator to monitor the network, check AP status and fix coverage automatically, if necessary, to ensure uninterrupted service.

In order to ensure Wi-Fi clients could get the best possible Wi-Fi service, the NXC5500 is equipped with a Client Steering function utilizing band select and signal threshold settings. Band select establishes 5 GHz as the default frequency band for dual-band devices, allowing users to avoid the heavily trafficked 2.4 GHz band and get the expected higher throughput of high-end devices with 802.11n or 802.11ac support. Furthermore, the NXC5500 is able to maintain network-wide Wi-Fi quality by use of a signal threshold function that directs the client device to the access point offering the optimal signal strength.

For smaller-scale AP deployments, the ZyXEL NXC2500 fulfils the requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses to plan, deploy, and manage Wi-Fi networks. By upgrading to latest ZLD V4.10 firmware, NXC2500 not only enlarges the management scalability up to 64 APs, but also enables the new worry-free Wi-Fi features as NXC5500.

For a complete list of product features, please visit NXC5500 Wireless LAN Controller and NXC2500 Wireless LAN Controller on the ZyXEL global website or contact your local sales representatives.

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