ZyXEL Sponsors Gigabit Ethernet Switches for ASSEMBLY 2005, the World's Largest Programming Contest, to Build up Hi-speed, Reliable Network for the Contest

Helsinki, Finland, August 25, 2005 -- ZyXEL Communications (TSE: 2391), the world's leading broadband access solution provider, announced today that its Finnish branch has partnered with Assembly Organizing for the third year since 2003, and became major sponsor of network equipment provider for the event. Approximately 300 ZyXEL Gigabit Ethernet switches were officially deployed in the ASSEMBLY '05 to build up the high-speed network. ASSEMBLY (http://www.assembly.org), the world's largest and most respected media art and gaming contest, taken place in Helsinki, Finland every year. This highly regarded annual international computer festival gathered more than 5,000 young computer programmers, media artists and gamers from more than 20 countries, as well as media from all over the world.

ZyXEL Finland and Assembly Organizing have signed an agreement on full-scale co-operation concerning the management of lendable Gigabit Ethernet switches sponsored by ZyXEL. In the future, the management of the sponsored switches will be carried out by Assembly Organizing, to support different sized network events in Scandinavia and in Europe. ZyXEL will continue to take care of the technical support, warranties, and service of the switches.

"We are very pleased with this arrangement", says Pekka Aakko, who is the main organizer of the Assembly. "This allows us to ensure that we can fulfil the switch requests not just for our own event but also for other Finnish and European events. One of the most challenging tasks for the organizer is to produce a well functioning network; this way we can eliminate one major concern. In addition, smaller events can be improved and arranged more frequently; this benefits the whole LAN party community and creates solid base for event development."

ZyXEL wants to be involved in supporting young people's computer activities as well as different network communities and events; "We are pleased that the lending of our Ethernet equipment is taken care by an organization that is both trustworthy and well acquainted with LAN events. ZyXEL wants to be involved in developing the networked globe; therefore we also want to confirm our support to different events around Europe", says Kai Heimala, the managing director of ZyXEL Communications Finland. "It is also important to receive continuous feedback about our equipments that are used in very challenging environments in these events. This information is a great benefit for us in our product development, allowing us to serve our customers better through our product lines".

Additional information about this arrangement can be found in internet Assembly web site at www.assembly.org/services.

Assembly Organizing is annually organizing one of the world's largest and best known computer festivals, the Assembly event, which gathers together more than 5.000 computer, computer demo and gaming enthusiasts from all around the world. For more information visit http://www.assembly.org.

About ZyXEL
ZyXEL Communications Corp. (TSE: 2391), located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is the world's largest DSL router provider (Gartner, July 2004). ZyXEL's broad line of Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions includes access multiplexors, customer premise equipment, Internet security and Wireless LAN equipment, enabling high-performance network services for SOHO, small to mid-sized businesses and service providers. ZyXEL works closely with worldwide network equipment vendors, telecommunications companies, ISPs, and other major businesses. For more information, visit the company's Website at http://www.zyxel.com.

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