ZyXEL Provides A Wide Range of IPv6 Compliant Products and Solutions

Wokingham, UK, April 18th, 2011 – ZyXEL Communications UK, a leading broadband access solutions provider today announced its progress concerning IPv6 readiness. Beginning with the first IPv6 Ready Logo Certification in 2004, which was followed by a “Phase II IPv6 Ready” Golden Logo for a few VDSL2 integrated access devices and CPE products in 2010, ZyXEL has committed itself to continuing the development and availability of products and solutions in support of this newest Internet Protocol and to enabling a smooth transition for its customers.

More recent products undergoing IPv6 compliant certification include ADSL2+ routers, 11n ADSL2+ gateways and VoIP Internet Access Device (IAD), as well as 11n VDSL2 gateways, which are targeted to confirm compliance within the year. To support an increase in inquiries from leading ISP and Telco customers for solutions, ZyXEL has been accelerating its development of IPv6 feature products to help its customers enjoy a smooth transition and/or deployment to stay on top of this new opportunity. Internet service providers and telecommunications companies are regarded as the key driving forces in making this wide-spread evolution successful.

ZyXEL currently supports three technologies for IPv6 deployment, a dual-stack approach, along with 6rd and DS-Lite tunneling to meet diversified requirements for different implementation scenarios. Additionally, with solid software capability, ZyXEL has also developed its own IPv6 Software Stack, which can be applied to a wide range of products and solutions.

Thanks to more addresses and features mandatorily built into the IPv6 protocol, people are able to benefit from more efficient and flawless mobile connectivity with this enhanced MobileIP performance, higher security to protect integrity, authentication and confidentiality over the new IP communication and better Quality of Service (QoS), while time-sensitive data content, such as video and audio content like VoIP and videoconferencing, will be proritised to avoid annoying sluggishness. All these features are imperative when more users and applications are surfing over the protocol.  

For complete ZyXEL IPv6 information, please visit http://www.zyxel.com/ipv6/ipv6_1.html.