ZyXEL Partners with QNAP Systems to Deliver a Smart IP Surveillance Network

ZyXEL extends its innovative Smart Connect - a key element of the ZyXEL One Network - to technology partner QNAP Systems to enable inter-device intelligence between ZyXEL enterprise-grade switches and QNAP VioStor NVR

Sep 18, 2014 – Hsinchu, Taiwan- ZyXEL Communications and QNAP Systems are pleased to announce their partnership to deliver a smart IP surveillance network combining Smart Connect technology and the popular VioStor NVR solutions, bringing the ZyXEL One Network experience to surveillance applications. This partnership puts into reality ZyXEL's vision for the One Network, to provide customers with a fast, efficient, and truly integrated network experience when migrating from an analog surveillance system into a full IP surveillance network. The smart IP surveillance solution will be presented at Security Essen 2014 at QNAP booth 9-112E from September 23-26, 2014.

Maintaining an IP surveillance network deployed with top name-brand IP cameras is never an easy task. It takes time and energy to identify the source of any technical problems, or even locate where problem devices are when network errors occur. To relieve customers from these tedious chores, ZyXEL Smart Connect technologies have been implemented across ZyXEL switches, QNAP VioStor NVR and several popular name-brand cameras. ZyXEL One Network protocols are incorporated into the QNAP VioStor NVR, streamling IP camera deployment while offering several labor-saving features. Inter-device intelligence facilitates efficient network management by providing an intuitive network topology display — a graphical interface with rich statistics for information monitoring and troubleshooting.

ZyXEL Smart Connect is a key component of the ZyXEL One Network vision, providing inter-device intelligence for ZyXEL products from switch to Wi-Fi AP to the Gateway. Smart Connect greatly simplifies network maintenance and troubleshooting by allowing auto-discovery of neighboring devices, remote viewing of their management interface, as well as the ability to power cycle and remote factory reset devices.

“The benefit of ZyXEL One Network is to provide the customer with a clear view of their network through several ZyXEL-developed inter-device (Smart Connect) protocols to simplify their day-to-day operation.” said Crowley Wu, AVP of ZyXEL Networking Business Unit. “We’re glad to work with QNAP to further extend our technologies to the IP surveillance networks, and we believe the integration of security and network systems will greatly facilitate easy installation and maintenance.”

Qstart, a user-friendly initialization application for VioStor NVR, brings together leading-edge innovative features — system initialization and network switch control. It simplifies system initialization by automatically assigning default configuration with just one single click. By integrating with ZyXEL GS2210-24HP, Qstart provides comprehensive network topology and a device list for users to fully control network health and device status. Qstart integrates major functions of the ZyXEL GS2210-24HP PoE switch so users can easily set up camera IPs, manage PoE on/off and monitor traffic flow via VioStor software — QVR. In addition, its intuitive GUI enhances precise failure detection and efficient troubleshooting. Qstart offers users a steamlined experience with NVR installation and remote maintenance.

To read more about ZyXEL One Network Smart Connect solution, please visit ZyXEL global website.

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