ZyXEL Leads the Pack with New 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Solutions

Innovative ZyXEL products dominate the WiMAX Forum Showcase & Conference
Hsinchu, Taiwan, October 18, 2007 -- ZyXEL Communications (TSE: 2391), world's leading broadband access solutions provider, last year announced its WiMAX product series conforming to the IEEE802.16e standard. With the release, ZyXEL not only became the first to integrate WiMAX, Wi-Fi, VoIP and information security features in a box, but also the first major Taiwanese company capable of manufacturing networking equipments from base stations to client devices. Following the WiMAX product demonstration in the Taipei WiMAX Summit in May 2007, ZyXEL will unveil even more innovative WiMAX designs in the Taipei WiMAX Forum Showcase and Conference. In the Forum taking place between October 22nd and 23rd at Taipei International Convention Center, ZyXEL will set up a hands-on pavilion to display its comprehensive WiMAX solutions. ZyXEL's Vice President, Dr. Junn-Kuen Liang, is also invited to give a speech in a seminar on the technology and the global market.
Under its world-renown brand name, ZyXEL develops and markets a full range of WiMAX solutions such as the MAX-3200 (Pico), MAX-1200 (Femto) and MAX-2021 (Micro) base stations, and it is possible for buyers to request customization. In addition, ZyXEL will display advanced WiMAX MIMO products like MAX-706 ExpressCard, stylish and versatile MAX-206M2 Indoor SOHO router with integrated omni antenna, as well as MAX-206M1 indoor residential router with detachable omni antenna and MAX-306 outdoor router that fulfill different customer needs. In 2006, ZyXEL won the "Best of WiMAX World USA" award with its WiMAX PCMCIA card and CPE, and this year its Pico and Femto base stations were again recognized by the award.
"ZyXEL has been aggressively participating in domestic and international WiMAX deployment projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia in cooperation with many major clients to deliver WiMAX products." Says Dr. Yuh-Long Chen, ZyXEL's President "In addition to the partnership with WiMAX vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent and Nortel, ZyXEL also join Sprint Nextel's WiMAX ecosystem partners in helping incorporate mobile WiMAX technology in a range of computing, portable multimedia, interactive and other business and consumer devices."
Foreseeing the market potential of WiMAX years ago, ZyXEL has proactively invested on relevant technologies and acquired experience from the development of WiMAX solutions. Today, the company already has a comprehensive portfolio including data cards, outdoor and indoor WiMAX CPE, base stations, ASN gateways as well as Element Management Systems (EMS) for teleco customers, ISP, enterprises and families to enjoy the choices of advanced solutions.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Corp. (TSE: 2391), headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is the leading WiMAX and VDSL equipment vendor and the world's largest DSL router provider (In-Stat, 2006). ZyXEL's broad line of Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions includes access multiplexers, customer premise equipment, Internet security and Wireless LAN equipment, enabling high-performance network services for SOHO, small to mid-sized businesses and service providers. ZyXEL works closely with worldwide network equipment vendors, telecommunications companies, ISPs, and other major businesses. Combined of 29 sales offices and 3 R&D centers worldwide, ZyXEL currently has 3000 employees and distributors in 70 countries reaching over 150 regional markets. For more information, visit the company's website at http://www.zyxel.com.