ZyXEL Launches a New Wireless Range Extender

Ensures Thorough Wireless Coverage around All Corners

August 3, 2012; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company that provides leading Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small- and medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduces the WRE2205 Wireless N300 Range Extender, a brand new wireless extender for home users. Simply plug the device into a power outlet, and the users can extend wireless coverage for home networks to enjoy Internet connection around all corners in the house.

Compatible with the 802.11b/g/n wireless standards, the new ZyXEL WRE2205 Wireless N300 Range Extender is designed to perform as either a wireless signal receiver or a repeater. With both sending and receiving transfer rates of up to 300Mbps, the WRE2205 Wireless N300 Range Extender makes extending the range for existing wireless networks fast and easy. Through the seamless extensions, users are able to enjoy video streaming, online gaming, and Web surfing on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops anywhere in the house.

The compact wall-mount design makes the device unobtrusive when in use; the easy setup wizard and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button allows users to activate the Range Extenders and connect to the access point instantaneously. A bright LED signal strength indicator on the panel indicates the wireless signal strength to help users easily identify the right spots to install the extender for optimal Wi-Fi coverage. With the WRE2205 Wireless N300 Range Extender, home users are relieved from messy wires for all-around Internet connectivity.

With a strong commitment to the environment, ZyXEL helps home users be more energy-conscious through employing many power-saving functionalities. A power on/off switch also allows the user to turn off the device when not in use to save electricity expense and reduce energy consumption.

To learn more about how the new WRE2205 Wireless N300 Range Extender can help you enabling wireless Internet everywhere at home, please visit the WRE2205 Web site or contact your local ZyXEL representatives for details.

ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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