ZyXEL Introduces Another High Performance Mini Powerline Product

Compact Powerline Adapters with Extra Power Outlets

Sep 7th, 2012; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company that provides leading Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small and medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduces a new member of the Mini Powerline Family, a 500Mpbs Mini Powerline Pass-Thru Ethernet Adapter – the PLA4211. ZyXEL’s Powerline products offer an easy alternative to messy network cables and weak wifi signals—simply plug Powerline devices into existing outlets to turn any home electric grid into a high-speed network connection.


The PLA4211 is specifically designed with an extra pass-thru outlet for convenience—effectively enabling network functionality without sacrificing another outlet. Users enjoy optimized HD multimedia streaming over a speedy, reliable connection with the added convenience of an extra home outlet.


The PLA4211 adopts IEEE 1901 500Mbps technology to maintain high data transfer rates, delivering up to 60% better HD media streaming performance than HomePlug AV 200Mbps Powerline technology. The PLA4211 uses embedded noise filter technology to minimize interference from other electronic devices plugged into the same home network to prioritize multimedia streaming quality. Combined with an advanced Quality of Service (QoS) feature that enhances media streaming applications such as HD video, gaming, high-speed internet, and VoIP, the PLA4211 optimizes home network performance.


Data and privacy protection has become an increasingly important function in home networks. The PLA4211 is equipped with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Security (AES) to ensure secure, safe connection to the Internet. Simply press the network security button to complete setup.


In consideration of saving power (and by extension, the environment), the PLA4211 dramatically drops power consumption to 0.5 watts when no active Ethernet connection is detected—reducing waste by up to 88%. When any Ethernet connection becomes inactive for over 60 seconds, the PLA4211 enters power-saving mode.


For more feature details about the new PLA4211, please visit PLA4211 product page on website or contact your local ZyXEL sales representatives. You may also check out a demonstration video to know how the Powerline Products enable your Internet connections immediately at home.



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