ZyXEL Introduced VOP1248G 48-port VoIP Line Card for ZyXEL MSAN Product Portfolio

Hsinchu, July 2, 2007 – Being one step ahead of competitors to facilitate Telco/ISP to migrate to the next generation broadband access network, ZyXEL today announced the release of VOP1248G, a 48-port VoIP line card for its Multi-service Access Node (MSAN) chassis platforms. The VOP1248G digitizes analog voice signals into VoIP packets at ZyXEL multi-service access nodes. It not only retains existing network configuration on customer premise devices (CPEs), but also provides carrier-grade voice quality for VoIP packets with the advanced security and quality-of-service features. Moreover, the VOP1248G works well with various ZyXEL DSL line cards to provide multiple services to subscribers.

"It is the trend for Telco operators and ISPs to migrate their network infrastructure from an overlay architecture to an integrated IP-based multi-service network. The main issue is how to prolong the lifecycle of traditional PSTN networks and lower expenses for setting up a new network," said P.C. Lee, VP of ZyXEL Central Office Equipment Business Unit. "With the VOP1248G and ZyXEL's MSAN platforms, the OPEX of the traditional PSTN infrastructure can be minimized. The migration pace to next generation network (NGN) can also be controlled based on current market demand, which further reduces the CAPEX of the NGN construction."

ZyXEL VOP1248G is a hot swappable line card with an operational temperature between -40°C and +65ËšC. It also comes with the test-in and test-out RJ-45 connectors and supports SIP v2 network signaling protocol. The VOP1248G supports various DSP codes (G.711, G.726, G.729a/b and G.723.1) as well as fax, analog modem, and pay phone systems. Supplementary services include call waiting, call hold, call transfer, do not disturb and caller ID display, etc. The Metallic Loop Testing features also meet the requirements of GR-909 and GR-844.

VOP1248G compatible SIP servers include Asterisk, SER, CISCO CSPS, Vocal, Siemens, Brekeke OnDO, Walkersun WCS, Nortel MCS 5000 series and MetaSwitch. More information on VOP1248G please visit ZyXEL Website at http://www.zyxel.com.

The following lists the MSAN chassis platforms and DSL line cards that work with VOP1248G:
IES-6000M 17-slot rack-mountable main system with 19" chassis
IES-5000M 10-slot rack-mountable main system with 19" chassis
IES-5005M 5-slot rack-mountable main system with 19" chassis
MSC1024G Failover-enabled Network Control Card for IES-6000M
MSC1000G Failover-enabled Network Control Card for IES-5000M/5005M
ALC1272G Hot-swappable 72-port ADSL2/ADSL2+ Annex A line card 
ALC1248G Hot-swappable 48-port ADSL2/ADSL2+ Annex A/Annex B line card
SLC1248G Hot-swappable 48-port SHDSL/SHDSL.bis line card 
VLC1224G Hot-swappable 24-port VDSL2 line card 
IES-3016ST Splitter chassis with 16 slots for splitter and extension cards
IES-5000ST Splitter chassis with 16 slots for splitter and extension cards
IES-5005ST Splitter chassis with 8 slots for splitter and extension cards
ASC1224/ASC1024 24-port ADSL2/ADSL2+ Annex A/Annex B splitter cards
VSC1224/VSC1024 24-port DMT-based VDSL2 splitter cards
SEC1224/SEC1024 24-port SHDSL/VoIP extension cards
All products listed are currently available and can be ordered via ZyXEL's global sales network, including direct from the company or through partnered service providers. To find a ZyXEL distributor nearest to your location, visit the information site at http://www.zyxel.com/web/where_tobuy.php 

About ZyXEL Communications
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