ZyXEL Debuts New Prestige Web Configurator at CeBIT '98

New Java-Based Web Configurator Eases Installation of ISDN for Internet Access

HANNOVER, Germany, March 19, 1998 - ZyXEL Communications of Anaheim, Calif., today introduced the new Prestige Web Configurator (PWC), a Java-based software program that simplifies the installation and configuration of ZyXEL Prestige routers for ISDN Internet access. The new PWC is being demonstrated at CeBIT ��98, Europe��s leading technology trade show.

The PWC provides a quick, easy and intuitive way to configure ZyXEL Prestige router models P100, P128 and P2864I initially, with future support planned for the P128L bridge/router and the P100IH personal router with built in hub. Users can configure, save, monitor and manage the Prestige router through PWC��s graphical user interface accessible from any Windows-based workstation on the user��s network. ZyXEL��s Prestige family of routers provide remote access users and telecommuters high-speed access to the Internet and the ability to speed through large data files on corporate Intranets.

"The Prestige Web Configurator is an ideal complement for users of our Prestige line of remote access devices," said Munira Brooks, director marketing at ZyXEL. "As today��s organizations become more dependent on the Internet and the World Wide Web for communications and information resources, making Internet access easier to implement and easy to manage is critical to helping IT departments serve their user��s requirements."

About The Prestige Web Configurator
ZyXEL��s Prestige Web Configurator requires interactive components, including a Java-enabled Web browser, such as Microsoft��s Internet Explorer (version 3.02 and above) or Netscape Navigator (version 3.0 or higher) or other browsers which support Sun Microsystems JAVA Activator EA2 release or later; and the Prestige Web Configurator software. Each of these required components is included in the PWC CD-ROM along with the simple step-by-step installation program.

The PWC simplifies initial set up and eases network management through an easy-to-use, Web-based graphical user interface (GUI), that allows users to easily configure ZyXEL��s Prestige devices. In addition, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) may be configured through the PWC to ease client set-up. Call history and syslog features allow for comprehensive call tracking.

PWC��s easy-to-follow installation instructions walk a user through the set-up of an ISDN line with the Prestige router. Serial port and IP connections are not required for LAN hookup. Once installed, PWC works with the Prestige to capture packets and trigger ISDN outcalls to transfer the data to a more readable file by simply adding a field for that particular file type. Users can set-up the PWC to easily monitor and block calls that are not authorized or considered high cost options of electronic communications.

In addition, the PWC provides an easy way to configure the Prestige's filters for limiting specific types access to and from your network.

Prestige Remote Access Solutions
ZyXEL��s Prestige Series routers are the ideal high speed ISDN access solution for SOHO users, individual power users, telecommuters and remote branch sites for reliable high speed remote access to corporate LANs or the Internet.

Prestige products feature ZyXEL��s innovative Single User Account (SUA) technology and Network Address Translation (NAT), which are fully configurable with the PWC. This technology allows Prestige users to access the Internet and corporate network simultaneously through dynamic IP addresses. Users pay only for a single IP address while enabling multiple users to access the Internet.

The Prestige Web Configurator is a free enhancement to the Prestige Series P100, P128, P2864I and P100IH remote access routers and is scheduled to be included with all future Prestige products.

About ZyXEL Communications
ZyXEL Communications Inc., located in Anaheim, California, is a leading supplier of high-speed ISDN terminal adapters, ISDN remote access routers, modems, and compatible LAN/WAN data communications products. Since its inception, ZyXEL, has built a strong reputation as a price/performance leader in connectivity devices by providing high quality and high performance at affordable prices.